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Q: Where does the Ural meet the Volga?
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3 rivers in Europe?

Volga, Danube and the Ural.

Which conuntry are the ural mountains and the volga rivers?


What are some study tips to remember the Ural mountains and the Volga river?

Remember that Ural and Volga sound like an old couple and they are close together. Which they are in Russia.

What are the three longest rivers in Europe?

The volga the danube the ural

What are some major rivers in russia?

Volga Ural Ob. The largest are The Ob river, The Ienissei river, The Lena river, The Amur river, The Volga river, and The Ural river

Which country does the Volga Don and Ural Rivers flow through?

It is Russia.

What river flows from the ural mountains into the Caspian sea?

volga river

Volga don and ural rivers all flow threw what country?


What are the 3 longest rivers in Europe?

Volga River, Danube River, and the Ural River.

River that flows into the Caspian Sea?

There are 130rivers. Main are : Volga ,Ural,Terek,Kura

What is the 3 longest rivers in Europe?

1. Volga 2. Danube 3. Ural

Europes longest rivers?

the top three are ; 1. Volga 2. Danube 3. Ural

Which three manufacturing regions form the anchors of the Russian Core Area?

Central Industrial, Volga, Ural.

Which rivers flow into the Caspian sea?

The Ural River, the Kura River and the Volga River flow into the Caspian Sea.

What European river starts with U?

The Ural River is the third-longest river in Europe behind the Volga and the Danube.

Is the traditional boundary between Europe and Asia is the Volga River True or False?

False, the traditional boundary is the ural mountains

What river has its source in the Ural mountains and flows into the Volga river at the Kuybyshev reservoir?

The river in question is the Bolshoy Cheremshan River.

What are The 5 European rivers?

Europe has hundreds of rivers, not just five. The five longest are the Volga, the Danube, the Ural, the Dnieper and the Don.

What would you see in Russia?

Red Square,Ural Mountains,Mt.Elbrus,Volga River,St.Peters-burg and many other attractions!

What two continents meet in Russia's Ural Mountains?

Europe and asia

Two major rivers in Europe?

There are many major rivers which are located in Europe. Some of the largest include the Volga, Danube, Ural, and Dnieper rivers.

Which rivers drain in to the arctic sea and which into the Caspian sea?

Volga and Ural goes into the Casipan sea Lena, Ob, Yeinsey rivers flow into the Arctic ocean

What rivers are located in russia?

There are several rivers located in Russia. There rivers are: Lena, Yenisei, Ob, Volga, Amur, Ural, Kolyma, Don, Indigirka, and the Pechora.

What is an eurasian range?

Where Europe and Asia meet at the Ural or Caucasus Mountains on the continent of Eurasia.

What is the name of the Russian river that flows into the Caspian Sea?

The Volga River, the longest river in Europe, and the Ural River both flow through Russia into the Caspian Sea.