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The uterus is where the baby grows in the uterus


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The sperm cell enters the womans vaginal area going to the ovary, which fertalizes the womans egg cell, creating and baby.

The baby is in the womb, which is basically in the lower half of her stomach.

No. Sexual reproduction needs genetic material from male and female.

Gonads in womans body are the ovaries. They are located inside the abdomen

From human mothers. They grow and develop in the womans womb until the baby is developped, then pushed out the vagina to the outside world.

Not likely. The womans body protects him pretty good. Bigger chance you hurt her.

It's actually the uterus and the umbilical chord. The female body produces repressors to tell its body cells not to attack the baby. When these repressors stop, the body rejects the baby, and the woman goes into labor. This is birth.

Uterus (referred to as the "womb")

no but im stuck on the part after your baby learns the body parts

Sperm doesn't grow outside the testes.

because that's where the womans body knows where the fetus is and therefore can feed and send oxegen to the still-developing baby

it makes the womans belly bigger which makes her fatter then it pops out of oher minge making her hole stretch and might rip her pussy hole.

The egg cell is found in the womans ovary and travels through the ovalry pipes to the womb where it can be fertilised with sperm to make a baby

Womans breast develope during puberty they grow bigger. because There hormones are starting to kick in.

basically the baby is first a embryo and then when it comes to the uterus is when the baby starts to grow its ears mouth nose legs feet hands arms head and all the other parts of the body that the baby will have and when it starts to grow the womb starts to get larger so that the baby can fit it the womb

There are about 320 bones in a baby's body, but as they grow, some fuse together. An adult body has 206 bones.

More or less, yes. But only if the woman is healthy and eats good meals, doesn't smoke (no drugs), or drink alcholal. Or if she doesn't get sereusly hurt, then the baby will be fine. So yes the baby is protected to a sertain extent.

The name of the movie is called BREASTFEDING A STRANGERS BABY

When you have a baby it generally comes out of a womans vagina unless she has a Cesarian which is an oporation and they take the baby straight out of her stomach.

The developing baby grows in an organ called the uterus which has another name of womb.

It doesn't. Its simply because men cut they're hair short and we grow it out.

Because a woman's body needs to be able to change and grow to accommodate a baby, and a vampires body is unchanging. So changing bella whilst she was still pregnant would have killed the baby.

That depends on where the penis is when it ejaculates...

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