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Where does the block heater cord plug into the engine of a 1997 Suzuki Sidekick Sport 18L?


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2007-10-23 19:13:47
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The best solution is to purchase and install a clamp on block heater which is available through a Suzuki dealer. To my knowledge, you can't install a normal type of block heater (installs in frost plug).

Dave Saskatchewan Canada 96 Suzuki Sidekick Sport


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The lights on the Sidekick simply twist out from the rear of the fixture. Open the hood, unplug the wiring assembly, and twist the light bulb assembly about a 1/4 turn. You can then pull the light from the headlamp housing.

A Suzuki Swift Sport car costs anywhere between $23,990 to $25,990. This is a good deal for a car with 1.6-litre engine that 134bhp. It's a very good car. follow 16v procedure if your car is a 1.8L sport , it dont have a belt.

the suzuki dealer sells them and do does but 1.8L parts are very very hard to buy after market. the suz. pn is : 12610-77E10 finding a wrecked 1.8L Sport is hard , few about. always buy the 1.6L , vast sea of parts.

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In line on the heater hoses on the passenger side of the engine. Has a small vacuum line to it and both heater hoses go through it. The heater hoses are smaller than the radiator hoses and go through the firwall.

If you look in the engine compartment , at the firewall , you will see where the ( 2 ) heater hoses run up to the firewall and connect to the heater core which is INSIDE the vehicle ( on the right side / passenger side )

On my Sidekick Sport (1.8 litre) they are on top of the engine under the coils. There is a plastic cover with 4 bolts you remove, you then remove the bolt from each ignition coil and lift out the coil. You'll need a fairly long socket extension to reach the plugs which are under the coils/boots.

is it a sport or racer

On a 1997 Suzuki Sidekick JLX, there are a series of pulleys on the front of the engine. One pulley just above and to the left of the fan has a 14 mm hex headed bolt. This pulley is spring loaded. Just put on a wrench and press down to release the tension enough to get the belt on and off. Be sure to draw a diagram of how the belt is currently running around all the pulleys before you remove it.

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