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Where does the body get glucose?


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The primary source of glucose in the body comes from the carbohydrates that are eaten by the organism. Examples of carbohydrates are bread, pasta and rice.


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glucose is stored in body by glycogenesis which is the synthesis of glycogen from glucose monomers

Yes, your body uses glucose in the form of glucose. All other sugars are converted into glucose so your body can use them.

The body uses glucose to provide energy. The body is designed to digest foods by converting the food into glucose.

which part of the body carries glucose round the body? which part of the body carries glucose round the body? Die potato.

Glycogen is a storage of energy within the body, and glucose is the primary form of energy. So for example, if your body requires glucose to survive, when it has plentiful amounts. Your body converts glucose into glycogen for storage. However, if your body has low amount of glucose within it. Your body will rely on the storage of glycogen to break down into its components and use the glucose for fuel.

Because glucose is what the cells of the body uses.

Insulin is the major one which regulates glucose in the body.

Glucose is used by the body for energy.

The body converts Carbs to glucose

Glucose, being a naturally forming sugar, gives the body energy.

Glucokinase is the protein that regulates the amount of glucose in your body.

Glucose can be found in your body. In food, it's probably in a more complex form, so the body would have to break them down into glucose.

The liver stores glucose as glycogen and glucose is required for respiration

glucose is what body needs. It may or may not be liquid. as long as its glucose

It loses glucose by exercising

In our body, the mitochondria get glucose from the sugars we eat.

Glucose is stored in the body as glycogen. Excess glucose in circulation is normally polymerized within the liver and muscles as glycogen, which is hydrolyzed to glucose as needed.

Glucose is the preferred food for the body. What that means is that it is what any food that is to be used for energy is converted into glucose and delivered to the body via the blood.

Our body need energy to work so all of our body parts need glucose.

Insulin decrease body glucose level.Glucogon increases body glucose level.

Glucose is just a type of sugar, your body needs glucose to survive. So yes, glucose is safe.

Glucose is not in Urine because the body transforms all the extra glucose into fat and stores in the the body instead of excreting it with urine. Glucose can be seen in urine in uncontrolled diabetes.

In a way it is essential because if you don't have enough glucose in your blood, you have Diabetes...If you have too much glucose, you have Diabetes. It has to even out with the insulin in the body.

Glucose is used by the body as a primary source of energy. Red blood cells and neurones rely entirely on glucose for energy. Excess amounts of glucose in the body is converted to glucogon or fat and stored for later use.

Glucose is a sugar used by your body as energy. Glucose syrup has enough water added to the glucose to make a syrup.

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