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Where does the crude oil from Alaska go?

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When the Trans Alaska Pipeline was constructed it was illegal to ship any of the oil from Alaska to other countries. Then during the Clinton Administration when oil was $8 a barrel, that law was changed. For 2 years Alyeska Pipeline Terminal shipped to Japan and South Korea a total of 5 times. They decided that this was not cost effective and now they no longer ship there. This was years ago. Now all the oil goes to refineries in Washington state, California and Hawaii. It provides most of the fuel in the Northwestern States. None of it leaves the country.

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Where in the world is crude oil produced?

Crude oil is the raw form of oil mined from underground, not produced. Some places with alot of crude oil however are Alaska and Canada.

What are the principal products of Alaska?

Crude oil and seafood.

Description of crude oil?

just go go to energy for kids then go to nonrenewable than you will see oil or petroleum it will talk about crude oil.

What in Alaska helps give money to people?

Alaska is one of the largest producers of crude oil in North America.

Where does crude oil go?

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Where does crude oil go to be made into different products?

Crude oil is transported to oil refineries which separate and react it into different products.

Do Spain have crude oil?

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What is the Trans-Alaska Pipeline?

A crude oil pipeline from the North Slope oil fields at Prudhoe Bay to the Port of Valdez.

Why was the Alaska pipeline built?

To reach an ice free port from which to export North Slope crude oil.

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Why is crude oil known as crude oil?

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What is the spiked crude oil?

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Crude oil is a toxic chemical that is?

Crude oil is inorganic.

Is Crude Oil a colloid?

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How is crude oil used by humans?

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