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Q: Where does the estrogen come from in fat free milk?
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Where does fat free milk come from?

Fat free milk comes from a factory that has separated the fat out of the milk with a centrifuge. The fat is used to make cream.

What is the difference between fat free and skimmed milk a?

Skimmed milk has a bit of fat, fat free milk has no fat

Is there lactose in fat-free milk?

Lactose is present in fat-free milk. You should get "lactose free" milk as the fat has no relation with the lactose.

Which type of milk spoils the fastest organic fat free or fat free milk?

for my hypothesis i think fat free milk will spoil first

Does fat free milk have lactose in it?

Yes! Lactose is a sugar. Fat free milk has no fat, but it still has the sugar.

What is the difference between fat free and skimmed milk?

Skim milk has a small amount of fat while fat free has no fat in it

What carbohydrates are in plain fat free milk?

The carbohydrates in plain fat free milk are sugar and starch. Fat free milk actually contains more carbohydrates than other more fat filled milk which surprises many.

What is skinny milk?

SKIM milk is fat free milk.

Does fat free milk contain cholesterol?

no because it is fat free

What is the difference between skim millk and fat free milk?

Skim milk is a different name for fat free milk. They are the same.

What are different names for Fat-free milk?

Fat-free milk is usually called "fat-free", but can be referred to or labeled as "skim", "low-fat", or sometimes "organic" milk (if shopping in a specialty store that sells fat-free or unaltered dairy products).

Does fat free milk need to be homogenized?

no, homogenized milk does not have the fat removed.

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