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Depending on the animal, fertilization of eggs can occur externally or internally.

With internal fertilization...the sperm and egg generally combine in the fallopian tubes.

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write in paragraph,,,,,,how a fertilization take place?

Reptile's fertilization is internal.

fertilization take place in the ovary

Fertilization takes place when the ovum (egg) comes into contact with sperm.

Fertilization mostly occurs in the Fallopian tubes.

oviduct (fallopian tube) fertilization normally occurs here

The kind of fertilization and development that takes place in aquatic animals is known as External fertilization.

Fertilization normally takes place inside the Fallopian tubes of a human being. Sometimes this can also take place inside the upper portion of the uterus.

Fertilization takes place in the fallopian tubes.

The two types of fertilization are 1. Internal fertilization 2. External fertilization Internal fertilization takes place within the body of the female. External fertilization takes place outside the body of female. It takes place by layong eggs.

Human fertilization takes place in the fallopian tubes. These tubes are also known as the oviducts.

In most amphibians, fertilization takes place externally instead of internally. To prevent the eggs from drying out, external fertilization occurs in water or another moist place.

It takes place in the fallopian tubes.

Technically it doesn't; in vitro with respect to plants means basically plants that are tissue cultured in a laboratory. Obviously this process does not take place in the Vitro fertilization in plants does not take place. It is rather in vivo fertilization taking place inside the embryo sac of an ovule.

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fertilisation take place inside the female body

fertilisation takes place in fallopian tube

Fertilization takes places in the sex organs of a flower, more specifically in the ovary of the flower.

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Inside the mammal's uterus (womb).

All of them. If fertilization did not take place the species would not exist. If you mean gender...then the female.

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