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I sit in between the Basson and the Trumpets on the third row, though I am in a middle school band so it could be different for you.

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Q: Where does the instrumentalist who plays the bass clarinet sit?
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Where does the bass clarinet sit in orchestra?

Next to the Bassoons.

Where does the instrumentalist who play the trumpet sit in a orchestra?

on a chair

What are some of the bass insruments in the string family?

There is the double bass, also known as the string bass and upright bass (to distinguish it from a bass guitar). It is the lowest string instrument. The other instrument that commonly plays bass, or low, notes is the cello. It is somewhat higher in pitch than the bass but still is big enough that it has to sit on the floor, supported by an end pin.

What is more likely to sit in a band a guitar player or a bass player?

A Bass Player

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What can you do to make your sound better on the bass clarinet?

Use a lot more air, make sure your pushing with your stomach. Sit up in your chair, straight back & always be in tune. Be heard, but don't be too loud. Always match the bassons, baritones & tuba's.

How is the Clarinet played sitting down?

exactly the way you would play it standing...just sit upright

Where do the violas sit in the orchestra?

from the audience, violas sit to the right of the stage, between the 2nd violins and the cello/bass sections.

How big is a double bass?

the double bass is over 6 foot tall. Because of this, you have to sit on a stool (a tall chair) to play it!!!!

Where does the double-bass sit in the orchestra?

To the far right of the conductor, behind the cellos.

Who plays the overture and where do they usually sit?

an orchestra usually plays the overture. the usually sit in a lower part in front of the stage.

Where did rich people sit in Shakespearean plays?

they would sit right on the stage with the actors

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