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We have Kingfisher's in Tennessee.

There are Kingfishers in North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the UK. In fact they are a worldwide species. There are around 90 species of Kingfisher. The Australian type being the Forest kookaburra. The North American being the Belted Kingfisher, the African and Asian being the Pied Kingfisher and the European and UK being the standard blue-green and orange colourful kingfisher.

They are almost always found living near to Streams and Rivers and live on small fish that they dive for. They have their nest in the riverbank and are prey to foxes and mink.

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Q: Where does the kingfisher live?
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Do kingfisher birds live in Florida?

Yes, the belted kingfisher.

How long do Kingfisher live?

They live for 7 years.

Where does the kingfisher bird live?


Where does a kingfisher bird live?


Do Green Kingfisher live in Britain?

No, they live in the Americas only

How is a kingfisher adapted to live in a river?

by eating

How long does a belted kingfisher live?

600 years

What kinds of wildlife live in the river Po?

The answer is kingfisher

Where does belted kingfisher live?

Ive seen them in Tennessee

Do kingfisher live in Taupo?

they live where there is fresh water and lots of little fish

Where does a belted kingfisher live?

near lakes or rivers were fish and frogs live

How long does a kingfisher live for?

between 2-7 years

What birds live by the river banks?

ducks , swans and kingfisher's

What are the classification of a kingfisher AIRLINES?

kingfisher first, kingfisher classic, kingfisher red

Types of birds that live near water?

kingfisher penguins

Do kingfisher birds live in forests?

Yes, Kingfishers like the Amazon and Forest Kingfishers live in the forest.

What animals live in mangrove forests?

warbler,kingfisher,lallu, maliga thanku

Is a kingfisher a amphibian?

No, a kingfisher is a bird

Is kingfisher a mammal?

No, a kingfisher is a bird.

Is kingfisher a bird?

Kingfisher is definitely a bird

What does the kingfisher feed on?

The KingFISHER eats fish.

What is the plural of kingfisher?

The plural of kingfisher is kingfishers.

Why is it called a kingfisher?

Because its name is kingfisher.

Does a belted kingfisher have an egg or give birth to live young?

I would say an egg

Which of the birds that live in Australia can laugh?

The "Kookaburra" is said to have a "laughing" call (it is a species of kingfisher).