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Fitzpatrick is the only "Fitz" surname of Irish origin. All others are of Norman origin such as Fitzgerald, Fitzsimmons, etc. There is a great concentration of Fitzpatricks in the border counties of Ireland, such as Cavan, Fermanagh, Armagh, Meath and especially County Down. Just remember when searching in Ireland, the word County is first, such as County Cork instead of Cork County. The surname Fitzpatrick is the translation of Mac Giolla Phádraig from the original Irish to English. Giolla Phádraig (the devotee of St. Patrick) was King of Ossory, a kingdom in Leinster in Ireland. According to Carrigan, this kingdom was founded by Aengus Osrith who flourished some time about the latter half of the second century of the Christian era. Giolla Phádraig's reign commenced some eight centuries later in 976 AD and he reigned until he was slain in 996 AD. His sons were styled Mac Giolla Phádraig (son of Giolla Phádraig). As part of the colonisation of Ireland by England, natural Irish names had to be restyled in the English format. Mac Giolla Phádraig was anglicised as Fitzpatrick.

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Q: Where does the last name Fitzpatrick originate and the history of name in Ireland?
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