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Where does the light from the stars come from?


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stars are just balls of gas in the atmosphere burning, 1/2 of the stars you can see in the sky are burnt out allready, it's just that there so far away from the earth you can still see the light coming off of them


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From stars. All light in the universe comes from stars.

the only light primary light source in our solar system is our sun. other lights can come from distant stars.

Stars are balls of gas that undergo nuclear fusion and have a core, their light come from the energy released during nuclear fusion. Planetary nebulae are the blown-off shells of dying red giant stars, the light of a planetary nebula come from ionized gas and light of other stars.

Visible light wave sources. Light bulbs and stars are good examples.

The pulses of light occur too rapidly to have come from normal, large stars.

Yes, in the sense that both of their 'lights' come from a star.

No atmosphere (air) that dims the light from the stars.No atmosphere (air) that dims the light from the stars.No atmosphere (air) that dims the light from the stars.No atmosphere (air) that dims the light from the stars.

No, the sun gives light to the moon, but not the stars. the stars give their own light.

light travels from the stars (arrtard

Stars emit light they do not acquire it

The 'light of day' in Antarctica can come from the sun, the moon, and the southern hemisphere of stars that surround planet earth.

Its callled light pollution, the sun shines so bright the it obscures even the brightest of stars.

The stars do produce light. It is the moon that doesn't.

Some light them at (or just after) sunset; some light them at about 20-25 minutes after sunset; and some light them after the stars come out in the sky.

The stars that do not emit light are th black holes.

No. The stars emit their own light. They are suns themselves.

No. Stars emit their own light.

The light from stars is created by the stars themselves. The light from the planets is sunlight reflected off the planets back to you.

Burns and the sun makes stars light up as the light is reflected........

Planets reflect light from the sun. Stars emit their own light.

Stars and planets are different from others because Stars have there own Light but planets have no light of its own.

Stars give off light by gases and heat.

Yes. Stars prouduce light as a product of nuclear fusion.

Stars are not measured in light years. The distance between them is.

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