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Q: Where does the name of 'January' come from?
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Where did the name january come from?

It came from my dog Max

Where did the name of the month January come from?

Janus, the two-faced Roman god of beginnings and doors.

Where did the month name January come from?

January was named after Janus, the two-headed Roman deity, guardian god of portals, patron of beginnings and endings.

Where did January come from?

January came from the god Janus

What month will the preyas angelo bakugan come out in?

in January in January

Which week will come on January 1 2010?

January 1st will be in the first week of January.

When will 13th nso results will come?

It will come out on 22nd January

When did Ninjago come out?

January 2011.

What movies that come out in January?

Cinderella 4 comes out in January 18,Sunday

When will 13th nso results come?

It will come out on 22nd January 2011

When will the mechanics come out in Maplestory?

I am pretty sure that they come out January 19th.

What is the birth name of Lois January?

Lois January's birth name is Laura Lois January.

When will vampire diaries season 2 come on again in January?

January 27, 2011

When does American idol come on television?

Sometime in January Sometime in January

Which day will the new missons come?

I do believe that they will come out next JANUARY 2010

When does Alpha and Omega come to DVD?

it should come out around January 11,2011

When will paranormal acitivity 3 come out?

On January 24 it will come out on DVD :P

When does the minecraft pocket edition update 0.6.0 come out?

It will come out January 30th

When does saint row's3 come out?

It is scheduled to come out in stores January 1st 2012.

What are nicknames for January?

A good nick name for january is jan

What is the name of the January birth flower?

The snowdrop is the flower of January.

When did the euro come in?

1st of January 2002

Which country do melons come from in January?


When does Machete come out on DVD?

January 4th

When does the Ninjago movie out?

It come out on January 20