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Where does the negative battery cable bolt to?


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Depends on the vehicle, but normally it bolts to the engine. The negative is the ground cable.

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The negative battery lead cable is to be connected to the negative lead terminal on the battery.

Disconnect the negative battery cable and then remove the positive cableRemove the battery heat shieldRemove the battery hold-down clamp boltLift out battery

Remove the bolt retaining the heater hose clamp to the alternator adjusting bracketRemove the bolt retaining the negative battery cable to the alternator adjusting bracketif equipped if not remove the negative battery cableDisconnect the cable from the positive battery cableDisconnect the two electrical connectors from the rear of the alternatorRemove the bolt retaining the alternator to the adjusting bracketRemove the alternator pivot bolt and remove the alternator from the car

Loosen the bolts holding the negative battery cable to the negative battery post. Once you loosen the bolt twist the cable until it comes off. Wait 30 seconds and reconnected it.

Remove negative battery cable and put something insulating between the negative battery terminal and anything that might contact it. Remove positive battery cable. Behind the battery (between the battery and the passenger compartment) there is a metal plate that clamps the battery in place. This plate is fastened with a bolt. Loosen the bolt until the plate can move enough that the battery may be removed.

If you mean what battery post the cable hooks up to, it's to the post marked with a negative (-) sign; if you mean where the cable hooks up to from the battery post, it's to the metal frame and usually held in place with a bolt.

Using a 5/16" 6 point box wrench or socket remove the negative battery cable first then the positive cable. Using a 13mm socket with a 10" extension remove the battery hold down bolt and remove clamp wedge. Remove the battery, clean up battery tray and cable ends with water and baking soda and wire brush. Install new battery, reinstall battery clamp and bolt. Attach positive battery cable first then negative cable. You will need to reset clock and radio settings.

connect it to the starter mounting bolt underneath.

My negative battery cable on my 1987 BMW 325is is in the trunk.

Start by removing the ground cable first(negative). Then remove the positive cable. At the base of the battery is a hold down clamp, held in by one bolt. Remove this and the battery will lift right out.

The positive battery cable will be going from the positive terminal of the battery over to the starter solenoid. The negative battery cable goes from the negative battery post to either a bolt on the generator upper bracket or the side of the engine block. Typically, the positive cable is red, and the negative is black, but people do all sorts of odd things to their cars, like have the wrong colored battery cables, so, go by how they are routed, not by what they look like.

Normally the black battery cable is negative.

first you need to disconnect the negative cable (black) you need to use a 10mm or 12mm wrench to loosen the nut at the cable post, move away the cable so it does not touch the battery. Next do the same for the positive side (red), move away the cable so it does not touch the battery. in front of the battery on the bottom is a bolt, use either a 12mm, 13mm, or 14mm (which ever fits) socket with a extention to reach the bolt and remove it, remove the metal bracket the bolt was screwed to and the battery can now be removed ***when installing the new battery REMEMBER to reconnect the positive (red) cable first then negative (black) cable as this will prevent a voltage spike from happening

current flows from the negative to the positive cable and back into the battery cells, recombining with the element depleted of electrons that are flowing out the negative cable. The process is not 100% efficient and the battery will eventually cease producing current.

Connect the Positive + battery cable to the positive + battery post first. Then connect the Negative - cable to the negative - battery post.

1. Remove the bolt retaining the negative battery cable to the alternator adjusting bracket, if so equipped. If not, disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal. 2. Disconnect the cable from the positive battery terminal. 3. Disconnect the 2 electrical connectors from the rear of the alternator. 4. Remove the bolt retaining the alternator to the adjusting bracket. 5. Remove the alernator pivot bolt and remove the alternator from the vehicle. 6. Installation is reverse of removal, noting the following: 7. Reconnect the positive battery cable before reattaching the negative cable at the alternator bracket. 8. Adjust the alternator drive belt.

There are two types of battery cable connections. The clamp type connects to a post on the battery and is held in place by a nut and bolt which squeeze the sides of the clamp tightly around the post. Disconnect by loosening the clamp's nut and then wiggling the clamp off of the post, start with the negative cable (black one). The bolt on type (sometimes referred to as 'side terminal' type) is bolted directly to the battery. To disconnect this type, simply unbolt it and remove the cable end from the battery. Again, start with the negative (black) cable. If the goal is not removal of the battery, but disconnection of power to the vehicle for servicing, disconnection of only the negative (black) cable is sufficient.

REMOVAL PROCEDURECAUTION: Refer to Battery Disconnect Caution in Cautions and Notices.Disconnect the negative battery cable (2) at the battery.Disconnect the positive cable (1) from the battery.Remove the retainer bolt and retainer.Remove the battery.Remove the insulator (1) from the battery (2).INSTALLATION PROCEDUREInstall the insulator (1) to the battery (2).BatteryInstall the battery.NOTE: Refer to Fastener Notice in Cautions and Notices.Install the battery retaining bolt.TightenTighten the bolt to 18 N.m (13 lb ft).Connect the positive battery cable (1), then connect the negative battery cable (2).TightenTighten to bolts to 16 N.m (12 lb ft).

1. Remove negative battery cable 2. remove positive battery cable 3. remove battery 4. install new battery 5.attach positive cable 6.attach negative cable

Always disconnect the negative battery cable first even if you are changing the positive cable and reconnect the negative cable last. This is to prevent accidental shorts to ground.

the negatibe cable will be black. the positive cable will be red the negative cable will bolt to the vehicle frame or body the positive cable will bolt to a solenoid or starter motor also usually the cables will only fit one battery terminal. battery terminals are different sizes

Red, positive + cable to Positive + battery terminal. Black, negative - cable to Negative - battery terminal.

Remove the old battery, disconnect the negative cable first and install the new battery connect the negative cable last.

Remove underhood fuse block (there is a bolt between the body panel and the fuse block housing), set it aside Remove body strut. Unhook negative cable, then positive cable. Loosen battery tie down bolt. Remove battery. Installation is reverse of removal.

The battery cable that is grounded, is connected to the body of the vehicle. Sometimes it is the negative cable & sometimes it is the positive. You need to check which cable is connected to the body of the vehicle.

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