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Where does the plugs go on a 1990 geo prizm distributor cap?

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Where is the ignition module located on a 1990 Chevy Caprice?

inside the distributor cap. there should be 2 sets of plugs that go to your distributor, those plugs go directly into ur ignitions module

Why does my 1990 Honda accord not start when I have changed the plugs distributor cap rotor smell gas when turning over but will not start?

You may have messed up the timing when you put on the new distributor cap.

Where is the distributor cap located on a 1992 Plymouth Voyager?

The distributor cap is located where the spark plugs cables are connected .They go from the motor to the distributor cap.

What causes a 1990 z24 3.1 to miss Ive replaced spark plugs and wires?

change distributor cap and rotor

Distributor cap location on a 1996 Sunfire?

The distributor cap is located on the top of the distributor on a 1996 Sunfire. It is connected to the spark plugs via a wire.

Where is the distributor cap in 1998 Chevy Lumina?

There is no distributor cap as there is no distributor. There are 3 coil packs, each coil fires 2 spark plugs simultaneously.

Where is ignition module on 1990 Chevy pickup?

its inside the distributor cap should have two-three plugs going to it, it is about the same size as a domino(black).

On a Honda Prelude what would cause your engine not to fire?

coil, distributor, distributor cap, plugs, or wires.

1990 gmc sierra 4x4 5.7 liter new coil distributor cap rotor plugs and wires still wont fire why?

Check your ignition control module, it is located under the distributor cap and your distributor wires connect into. If not this, check the coil again, and maybe even the ECM.

Where is the distributor cap on a GMC sierra?

Follow the spark plug wires from the spark plugs. If it has a distributor cap, they will plug into it. It may not have one and have oil packs.

Why would your 96 Chrysler sebring convertible stumble after you have changed the plugs and wires and cap?

you have 2of the plug wires on the wrong plugs or distributor cap

1995 Chevy s-10 Blazer Why I have fire from distributor to coil but no fire from new coil to plugs?

The spark travels from the coil to the distributor then from the distributor to the plugs. So if you have spark going into the distributor but not coming out to the plugs, I would blame the distributor cap and rotor being at fault.

How do you replace the distributor cap and rotor on a 1998 Toyota RAV4?

there is no distributor on a 98 rav. therefore no cap or rotor. replace the plugs and wires and the tuneup is done

Where is the distributor cap on a 1994 Chevy Blazer?

whats the motor.....but regardless if you follow the plug wires they lead to the distributor cap. v6 has 6 plug to each plug and all of the on the distributor cap.......v8 has 8 plugs with their wires leading from each plug to the distributor cap

Were do you find the ignition coil on a 1996 geo prizm lsi?

The wire in center of distributor cap attaches to coil.

How do you change the distributor cap on a 1994 Pontiac sunbird 2.0?

it does not have a distributor cap, it has a coil pack, all you can change is the plugs and wires, just fallow the wires from the plugs back to where they end and theres your coil pack, butch

How do you change spark plugs on vw polo 1.4?

Some Volkswagen models actually came with a diesel engine. Others have spark plugs located under the distributor cap. Once the distributor cap is removed replace the spark plugs one by one as to not get them crossed.

Where is the distributor cap location for 1997 escort?

The 1997 Escort LX 1.9 does not have a Distributor cap.. the plug wires go directly from the coil assembly to the spark plugs.

Why does your 1995 Chevy Camaro stall when it gets wet or it rains it has new plugs wires and distributor?

faulty ignition components. you need a tune up. plugs, cap and rotor,and wires but it is usually caused by a bad distributor cap.

Where is the distributor cap located in a 2000 chevrolet's blazer?

behind the engine you'll see a black circle with 7 plugs coming out of it. that is the distributor cap. take the cap off and you'll see the rotor.

I'm not getting fire to the spark plugs.?

Have you checked all of the High Tension leads from the distributor to the plugs, or just one or two? Same with HT lead from Coil to Distributor, Check Distributor cap for cracks

Why won't my 1967 Mustang start after replacing distributor cap and rotor?

no spark to plugs

Where is the Distributor cap on a Ford Contour?

I don't think your car has a distributor cap. I believe it has an electronic ignition and only has an ignition coil to deliver spark to the plugs. Where this is located, I do not know.

Where is number 1 on a 1990 Chevrolet distributor cap?

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Backfiring 1985 Pontiac firebird?

check all plugs plug leads distributor points and distributor cap for cracks and wear