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It was certainly used as part of an Olympic advertising campaign, but the actual origins are somewhat unsure. It was a part of Nike's ad before the Olympics.

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What is a slogan for silver?

You don't win silver; you lose gold.

How did the Aztecs lose their Aztec nation?

A Spanish coquistodor who came in search of their gold and silver.

What a good slogan for Athens?

sharp minds are better than sharp words

Give you an example of a slogan for nutrition?

The slogan for a nutritional supplement for hockey players, is; "If you want to win, you have to replace what you lose."

What does the slogan use it or lose it mean in fitness?

Use your muscles or you will lose muscle mass and strength.

What is more conductive gold or silver?

Silver is more electrically conductive then gold and is in fact the most conductive of all metals. However in some cases where price is not object gold is used instead as silver can tarnish and lose some if its conductivity while gold does not. The issue of corrosion is even more pronounced in high frequency signals so often gold is the most cost effect option in situations that demand high signal integrity.

Slogan on noise pollution?

The more you make noise .The more you lose your voice.

What is a better conductor of electricity copper or gold?

Copper is a better conductor of electricity, second only to silver. However, copper will tarnish (oxidize) over time and lose some of its conductivity, while gold will not.

Explain Why metals such as gold and silver are found naturally as elements whereas most other metals are found in compounds?

Gold and silver are very unreactive, so they are found uncombined. Most other metals lose electrons much more easily so are not found except in compounds.

What are the release dates for Gold Is Where You Lose It - 1944?

Gold Is Where You Lose It - 1944 was released on: USA: 1 September 1944

How many teeth did the Jews lose during the Holocaust?

Jews only lost their teeth if they had a gold o silver filling as it was valuable. The Germans ripped the filling out with tweezers.

What is jenny Craigs slogan?

"Lose 20 pounds for 20 dollars. Plus-the-cost-of-food"

How soft is gold?

I do not know. But hitting a rock, gold would lose.

Does gold have the tendency to lose or gain electrons in a chemical reaction?

Gold will lose electrons because it has two valence electrons in the S orbital

Will you lose weight taking memo plus gold?

No. You will lose money buying it though.

How many medals will be won altogether in the Olympics 2012?

962 medal were won for the 302 events in the 2012 Summer Olympics. 302 Gold, 304 Silver Medals because 2 ties resulted in 2 Silver medals being won instead of a Silver and Bronze for each event. 356 Bronze Medals because in 56 events both Semi Finalists get the Bronze Medal if they lose the match. The winners go on to complete for the Silver and Gold Medals

Why are rainforest like gold?

because if u lose gold u cant get it back

Road safety slogans?

booze it and lose it, look every way everday ------------- Click it - or ticket (seatbelt slogan)

What are the risks and benefits of investing in gold?

Some risks for investing in gold are that the stocks for gold could fall meaning that the value of gold drops and you lose your investment. The benefit of investing in gold is that gold also goes up as well as down so if you lose one day you could gain the next day.

Centrum silver during pregnancy?

no you mile lose the baby

Does tarnished silver lose value?

no dip Sherlock hooker

How do you know if your ring is solid gold?

Bite it really hard... if you lose teeth... it isn't solid gold.

Why did the Spain lose interest in Texas?

Because there was no more gold

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