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If territories are included, the first U.S. sunrise on January 1 is at about 7:25 local time (19:25 December 31 UT) at Peacock Point (19° 16' N 166° 35' E) on Wake Island. Now consider this do you Wake up or do you Maine up in the morning, this is not a new concept.


I believe what we're looking for here is the point on USA land that's farthest east.

That would be the eastern tip of Semisopochnoi Island, at 179.78° East longitude,

less than 10 miles short of the easternmost possible longitude on Earth.

The island is in the Aleutian chain ... a part of the state of Alaska ... which crosses

the 180° meridian and proceeds westward to the western tip of Attu Island, at

about 172.45° East longitude.

Comments: You have to bear in mind where the International Date Line goes.

So, it's not just a simple case of where is furthest East.

Also sunrise times vary with latitude and time of year as has been mentioned

in other answers.

Whether you count the effect of altitude depends on how you define "sun rise" times.

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Q: Where does the sun rise first in the United States?
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