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Heath is a Middle English name for untended land where flowering scrubs grow i.e. heather.

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What is the origin ethnicity andor country of origin of the surname Heath?

This surname: Heath is of English origin.

What was the surname of the Oscar winner named Heath?

Heath Ledger.

Where does the surname gerhard originate from?

It is a German surname,,,

What does the surname heath mean?


Where does the surname Lehr originate?

Lehr is a German surname.

Where does the surname Castaneda originate?

Castaneda is a Spanish surname.

Where did the surname Stefanidis originate?

Stefanidis is a Greek surname.

Where does the surname Gamage originate?

it was pure english surname

Where does the surname D'iorio originate?

D'iorio is an Italian surname.

Where did the surname Hayward originate?

From a surname website: The surname Hayward is of English origin.

Where does the surname Zamora originate?

The surname Zamora is of Hispanic origin.

Where did the surname nottage originate?

The surname Nottage originated from England.

Where does the surname Reavey originate?

The surname Reavey is an Irish name.

Where did the surname Hinch originate?

The surname of Hinch can be found to be from Ireland.

Where does the surname Chavarria originate?

The surname Chavarria comes from Spain.

Where did the Cariaga surname originate?

The Philippines, I believe. It is my surname as well.

Where did the surname Palomo originate?

It's a surname of Sephardic origin.

Where did the surname Amstutz originate?

The Amstutz surname originated in Germany.

What is the origin of surname Stromatt?

what country did the Stromatt surname originate

Where did the surname Donaldson originate?

The surname Donaldson originated in Scotland.

Can Heath be an Irish name?

From an English surname which denoted one who lived on a heath. (Behind the Name)

What does the name Heath mean?

Heath is an Old English male given name and surname denoting one who lived on a moor or heath.

Where did the surname Lytle originate?

Lytle is an English, Scottish, and Irish surname.

Where does the surname Chapman originate from?

It is an English surname and means peddlar or merchant

Where did the surname Lance originate?

The Lance surname originted in Norfolk, England.