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Where does the the vent line from the transmission on a 1993 1200cc sportster go to?

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under the seat.

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Where is the transmission on a 2003 sportster?

The transmission on a 2003 Sportster is to the rear of the cylinders, just below the starter motor. If you kneel down on the left side of the machine and face the engine, the transmission is in a direct line behind the "derby" cover (the large dome cover in the primary) to the other side of the engine.

Oil line routing diagram 81 harley fx?

1981 sportster oil line diagram

What is the price range for Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycles?

Harley-Davidson is a well known manufacturer of quality motorcycles. Their Sportster line has five models including SuperLow, Iron883, 1200 Custom, Forty-Eight and Seventy-Two. The motorcycles in the Sportster line range in price from $8,099 to $10,699.

After replacing a transmission filter in a 1993 probe 2.0 if it doesn't improve could it be a vacuum line?

what are you trying to improve???

How do you change transmission line?

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Do you get DC current directly from the transmission line?

Only if it is a DC transmission line.

Is there one coolant line or two for the transmission on a 98 Mercury?

If this vehicle has a transmission cooler then it will have one line to the cooler then another for the return line to the transmission.

Will the tank and fenders off a 1987 sportster 883 fit on a 1999 sportster 1200?

Nope, the fender struts on the rear fender are different so the holes won't line up.

Will low pass filter works as transmission line?

No, but transmission line act as a lpf

How do you get transmission filler line off of bottom pan on 1993 jeep Cherokee sport?

You don't. The filler line is welded to the pan itself. You must remove pan with filler all at once.

How do you replace Impala transmission line?

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What is A in the nominal pi model of transmission line?

balanced pi model for a long transmission line.

Where is the oil drain plug on a 1986 883 sportster 1000?

There is a rubber line that attaches to the bottom of the oil bag. Pull that line and the oil will drain

Standing waves present on an open transmission line?

Standing waves present on an open transmission line?

Which type of transmission line will have maximum value of characteristic impedance?

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What is full form of DCDS transmission line?

Double Circuit Double Circuit String Transmission Line

What transmission line is located in the front of a dodges transmission?


What is pg clamps in transmission line?

pg clamp is known for parallel groove clamp,especially used in transmission line to hold transmission conductors in parallel.

How do you fix transmission oil going into the engine in a 1994 Ford Ranger King Cab?

Check for a vacuum module on the transmission. If you see a vacuum line between the transmission and engine, disconnect the line and look for transmission fluid inside the line. If you see transmission fluid in the line, replace the vacuum module. It probably has a split or damaged diaphragm inside.

What is the essential difference between a transmission line and an ordinary network?

The essential difference between a transmission line and an ordinary network is the fact that the transmission line uses two or more than two parallel conductors.

Why does a 2003 impala transmission loses power?


What are the advantages of microwave transmission line?

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High voltage transmission line in India?

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Which line is the return transmission cooler line 1999 Ram 1500?

Return is the one that connects to the rear of the transmission.Return is the one that connects to the rear of the transmission.

Who uses pole and transmission line hardware?

Pole and transmission line hardware is purchased by cable television and utility companies