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Where does the turn signal flasher plug in for a 1998 buick lesabre turn signals do not flash they are a solid light however the hazard lights do flash?


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Edited: The flasher for the turn signals is usually located on or near the column under the dash. Unscrew the three screws holding the cover on. The flasher unit is that 1" cylindrical unit with two posts plugged in to a wire. To replace, unplug, and plug in a new one.

The hazard flasher is a separate system.

Unedited: Look at the hazzard flasher; usually in fuse box round 1" or square 1") to get an idea of what it looks like and pull it out; then when you think you have found the turn signal unit, plug it in to see if that fixes it.


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The turn signals use a different flasher. The flasher should be in the fuse block or right next to it. The flasher is round, a little bigger than a quarter and 1 1/4 inch tall. Just plugs in.

The flasher is a type of switch that regulates the turning on and off of your vehicle's turn signals and hazard signals.

Integrated with the hazard flasher switch (which is in the dash)

If your hazard lights don't work but your turn signals do work it could be that your Hazard Lamp Flasher needs to be replaced. Your car has both a "hazard lamp flasher" and a "turn signal lamp flasher". Your "turn signal lamp flasher" is working but your "Hazard Lamp Flasher" may not be working. Buy a new "hazard lamp flasher" and install it. The hazard lamp flasher is located behind the instrument panel to the left of the steering column.

replace turn signal flasher, hazard flasher is separate

the fix is to replace turn signal flasher the hazard flasher is separate from the turn signal flasher

Separate circuits, separate fuses, separate flasher relay. Check the hazard fuse, hazard flasher and hazard switch.

Under the center of the dash, in front of the console, mounted on the firewall. This one flasher controls the hazard lights and turn signals.

They use separate flasher relays. Replace the turn signal flasher relay.

Often, a separate flasher unit is used to activate the hazard flashers. This unit might be bad, or the switch to activate the hazard flashers might be bad. answer always there are 2 flashers.one for turn signals other for hazard replace hazard flasher They have separate fuses also.

Hazard and turn signals usually use separate flashers, switch the flashers to see if turn signals work and hazards don't, if so replace the flasher you need to replace the blinker flasher unit it is different from the hazard unit they cost about 4 bucks the flasher unit is the big round thing in the fuse panel in the dashboard

Flasher relay bad. This is a separate flasher relay from the one controlling the hazard lights.

It probably has 2 Flasher Relays. One for the hazard lights and one for the turn signals. Replace the turn signal flasher.

because of a flasher switch, located in the fuse panel.

Defective Flasher Relay, replace it. One relay operates the Hazard Lights and the other operates the turn signals. Be sure and replace the correct one.Defective Flasher Relay, replace it. One relay operates the Hazard Lights and the other operates the turn signals. Be sure and replace the correct one.

hazards and turn signals have separate flashers. replace flasher for turn signals

Check the flasher for the turn signals which is under the dash on the left side of the steering column . It is different from the emergency flasher.

The flasher for the turn signals is located near the fuse box under the dash in a 1995 Chevy 1500. The flasher for the hazard lights is right next to it.

there is not exactly a flasher relay for this car. technically your hazard switch is the flasher relay. you can get this "hazard switch " for about $30 on gmpartsdirect.com. i had to replace mine last year and i was also under the impression that i needed a flasher relay since the turn signal would just stay on. I had to fudge around with hazard switch push it a few time for the signals to work. that is when i figured it out that hazard switch is the flasher relay. i hope this helps.

Two separate circuits in most vehicles. You have a fuse and a flasher for the hazards and you have a separate fuse and flasher for the signals.

Try checking the turn signal flasher. Not to be confused with the hazard flasher.

There are two flashers, one for the hazards and one for the signals.

Probably the Electronic Flasher. These ,when the fail,will allow the Signals and/or hazard lights to work intermittently. The flasher is the same for both the signals and hazards.

Yes. The relay that controls the turn signals is built in the switch.

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