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Rain water and other ground water seeps into the ground and gravity holds it there. There is space between rocks and sand particles, and water finds its way there and stays if nothing makes it move. Sometimes there is a pump or a lake or some other place for the underground water to flow and it will go that way. Imaine that you have a large pool of water. Add sand and gravel to the pool and eventually you'll put in enough that the water will be covered and you won't be able to tell the water is down there.

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How is water stored on earth?

Water stored on earth naturally in different forms and locations: on the surface, below the ground and in the oceans.

What is water from rain or snow that sinks into the ground and is stored there?

Water from precipitation that stays on the surface, such as in lakes or streams is "surface water." Water which is absorbed into the ground (and stored in aquifers) is "ground water."

How are the roots of a cactus plant an adaptation?

Cactus roots are adapted to take in water and store it below ground. Moisture may be taken from a wider below ground area by shallow, fibrous roots. Some of the water is sent upwards for joint food making with the sun through the process of photosynthesis. Some of the water is stored for use during extended droughts. For example, moisture may be stored below ground in swollen or tuberous roots.

Is ground water stored in an aquifer?


How do underground insects survive?

They can find enough air, food and water below ground so they don't need to come above ground.

Why is water that is stored in aquifers in the ground is known as?


An aquifer is water stored in the?

ground zone of saturation

Where is water stored?

in the ground a. clouds b. the ground c. animals d. dams

The water in rocks below earths surface is called?

Water in rocks (or other porous material) below the ground is called ground water.

What is Water stored in soil and rock is called?

It's called ground water.

What term is defined as bodies of water stored under ground?

subsurface water

Water that seeps down into the ground and is stored there is called?


When the water seeps down into the ground and is stored there is called?


What is frozen water stored under the ground called?


Is most of the liquid fresh water on our planet located above or below ground?

below ground

Where can water be stored in the water cycle?

I don't think it can.Water is stored in several places in the water cycle:lakes, oceans, man made reservoirsground watercloudsetc.

Any water drawn from below the water table is?

ground water

Water found below the earth's surface?

Ground water.

What is the level below which the ground is saturated with water?

water tables

Why do the new plants need stored food?

Because if there is a loss of water then it won't have enough stored and it will die.

Ground water exists below the surface of the earth?

Below the crust

Is water that lies below sea ground level?

The sea is made of water therefore all water in it is below sea level. Ground level is the surface of the dry ground. Your question therfore makes no sense.

Any water drawn from below the water table is referred to as?

Ground water.

The water in rocks below Earth's surface is called what water?

Ground water

Where does your water come from?

It comes out of the ground ... stored in natural aquafiers and then pumped out for consumption.

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