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The "color" white is simply the reflection of all other visible wavelengths of light. Snow is frozen water. The "white" is ice, which melts above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or 0 degrees Celsius.

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Q: Where does the white go when snow melts?
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Where does white snow go when it melts?

The snow turns to water and goes in the ground.

Where does the white go when the snow avaparate?

Snow does not evaporate. It melts, meaning it turns to water. The water, in turn, evaporates. The white color disappears because water in liquid form is colorless.

Where does the white go when ice melts?

The white doesn't go anywhere when ice melts. When ice melts, its turns into water. Ice is just frozen water.

Where do puddles go after snow melts?

They evaporate or go down the drains.

What will happen after the snow melts?

if it's winter there is snow so if the snow melts it will become spring. also, if the snow melts it will be water

What happens when snow melts?

when snow melts it turns into water (liquid)

What melts snow and ice?

Warmth and heat melts snow and ice

What is colder ice or snow?

Ice because I know that snow melts ice.And why does snow melts ice???

What has the author Mike Campion written?

Mike Campion has written: 'Where does the white go when the snow melts?' -- subject(s): Christian life, Fiction, Problems, exercises, Science, Snow

What is snow on the mountains snow that never melts?

It is snow like we have.Except it never melts because it is alwayd cold there.

Where does snow go when it melts?

When snow melts it does a lot of things it evaporates it goes under ground it get eaten by animals it also gets packed in the groundWhen snow melts it does a lot of things it evaporates it goes under ground it get eaten by animals it also gets packed in the ground

What does white snow taste like?

Snow is just frozen water, it looks fluffy but the moment you lick it or catch it from the sky it melts and you have water

Why is there less volume in the melted snow from fluffy snow?

the density is less in water (melted snow) than in snow. if you weigh the snow before it melts, it will be the same in weight when it melts.

Why do snow leopards swim?

in case the snow melts!

How does snow precipitate?

it melts

You feel more cold when snow melts than snow fall?

It's becauase snow is frozen water and if it melts the freezing air and H2O comes out.

How long does it take for the white trillium to grow?

It comes up after the snow melts and has a single white flower in April or May. Seeds are dispersed by ants.

How does an Arctic fox get water?

they eat the snow and the snow melts

What areas does it snow?

The lower edge of a snowfield where snow melts.

Why is cold air needed to snow?

When it is hot snow melts.

What ice and snow?

Warmth and heat melts snow and ice

Why does snow melts in water if temperature is still low?

Beacuse the atmospheric pressure comes so great that something as dense as snow cannot stay as snow. We are in great danger if the snow melts

When snow melts why does the volume decrease?

Because the snow is made up of water and oxygen. When the snow melts the air escapes into the atmosphere and the water becomes a puddle on the ground.

What melts faster lakes covered in snow or lakes with no snow?

well ,rivers with no snow

Does snow melt from the bottom up?

snow melts from the bottom up because heat from the earth rises and melts the snow beneath and works its way up