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Where does the word bouquet come from?


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The word bouquet comes from a Middle French word that meant "thicket" or "bunch of flowers" and also from the Old French bosquet.
The word, bouquet, is French.

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Bouquet is not a compound word.

The word bouquet originates from the French language.

Bouquet is a French word. It is masculine in French.

The word 'bouquet' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a thing.The noun 'bouquet' is a word for a unique scent of a wine or perfume.The noun 'bouquet is a collective noun as a word for a group of cut flowers.

I'm not sure, but bouquet is a French word. So I guess it originally comes from there... ^

The word bouquet is a common, singular, concrete noun.

We can send exquisite hand tied bouquets to brighten your day.bouquet usually describes flowers-- a bouquet of flowers

== == The word bouquet originated from the French word for an arrangement of cut flowers. It has also been used to describe the smell of wine.

Emily gave her mother a fresh bouquet of flowers on mothers day .

The word for "bouquet" in Spanish is ramo, as in ramo de flores (bouquet of flowers). See reference below. Go to www.wordreference.com > Find the English-Spanishdictionary>Type in bouquet>ramo,etc.

A bouquet is a bunch of flowers.

It is perfectly acceptable as an English word, but it has a French origin. It is said when several same things are gathered together like flower : un bouquet de fleurs

A creative and unique bridal bouquet should be the most beautiful flowers in a wedding, except of cousrse, for the bride herself.

i think it is bouquet but im not sure it's a word anyway :) so that's a good sign! hope this answer was helpful!

The likely word is "bouquet" (bunch of flowers, or a scent).

The likely word is "bouquet" (a bunch of flowers, or a scent).

The noun 'bouquet' is a collective noun for a 'bouquet of flowers'.

A bouquet is a bunch of flowers. The bouquet of a wine is its smell.

Bouquet ... also means lovely aroma

lei It could also be a wreath, bouquet or nosegay.

The word can represent either a floral arrangement or an aroma .

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