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The phrase "holy spirit" appears three times in the KJV Old Testament. (Psalms 51:11; Isaiah 63:10, 63:11)

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If you go to the website linked below, it tells you all the places in the Old Testament where "Spirit" or "Holy Spirit" is mentioned.

The Japanese word for 'Holy Spirit' is聖霊 (seirei).

The Greek word translated "holy" is hagios; "spirit" is translated from the word pneuma.

The name 'Ruach' is the Hebrew for 'Holy Spirit' as stated above. However, as this question is cateogried under 'New Testament' these books were written in Greek. The Greek word for Holy Spirit is 'pneuma' (meaning 'wind' from where we get the word 'pneumatic' - wind powered. Other names include 'Lord', 'Giver of Life', 'Holy Ghost', 'Wind of God' among many others

The biblical meaning of "Holy Ghost" is "Holy Spirit". The word is seen in The Bible, where the Holy Ghost is replaced by Holy Spirit insinuating the spirit of God.

The words "holy spirit" translate into a two-word phrase "Spiritus Sanctus" in Latin.

"Santo Spirito" is Italian for Holy Spirit. In Latin it is "Spiritus Sanctus".

In the Old Testament the word holy is used 376 times in the KJV (and 171 in the New Testmaent).

The name Zion doesn't appear in the New Testament. It does however appear 153 times in the Old Testament.

the holy spirit comes to people through confirmationHoly Spirit has nothing to do with "Confirmation".The Holy spirit is the third Person of Godhead.In Old-Testament times Holy spirit was working in life of specific person at a specific time for a definite purpose. Even the dictation of Word of God by inspiration was done by the Holy Spirit. Then after the day of Pentecost the Promise of outpouring was fulfilled. Acts 2:1-4.The work of conviction in the life of an unsaved person is done by the Holy Spirit. (John16:8-9).So for today the baptism (Immersion ) in Holy spirit is a separate experience in life of a convicted- transformed person.

Used for the "anointment" received (-ma result) referring to the Holy Spirit in the New Testament bestowed by the inspired Word of God in truth.

Τhe greek corresponding for holy spirit is "Άγιο Πνεύμα" (agheeo pnevma)

As God the Holy Spirit is worthy of respect and honor and is to be obeyed. What we find in scripture however is that the role of the Holy Spirit is to bring glory to Jesus Christ and God the Father, even though He is Himself fully 'part' of the Godhead. The role of the Holy Spirit is to, in the words of Jesus 'testify of me' and he also brings to our remembrance whatever Jesus has commanded us. Thus it would appear that a focus specifically on the Holy spirit without reference to the one who sent Him is unscriptural, although we ought to give credit where credit is due, since we cannot say 'Jesus is Lord' except by the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit can also be grieved and it would appear that this may indeed occur if we ignore what God's word says and say that the Holy spirit has led us to do something which God has not commanded but has in fact prohibited. The best way to honor and even 'praise the Holy Spirit is to do what God says and what the Spirit expressly says and that is to honor Jesus Christ and praise Him and glorify God the Father.

The hebrew word "Qodesh", (קֹדֶשׁ) often translated as "holy" or "set-apart" is mentioned 470 times in the TaNaKh (Old Testament).

KJV- old testament-259 times new testament- 323 times

How many times does this word occur in the Old Testament

The word 'satan' appeared 15 times in the old testament.

In the New Testament, King James Version (KJV) we find in John 14:16; 26, weare toldthat the Holy Spirit is called the Comforter. In the NKJV the word used is Helper. In the Holman Christian Standard the word used is Counselor. In the NIV, the word used is Advocate. In many Christian circles the Holy Spirit is generally known as the Comforter.

The first New Testament appearance of the word "elect" is in Matthew 24:22.

The word "backslider" doesn't appear in the New Testament, and only once in the Old Testament, in Proverbs 14:14.

The word 'spirit' appears 501 times in the KJV Bible.

if sacred scripture is the bible, it was the holy spirit who inspired men to write it. God the father spoke the word, jesus is the word become flesh, the holy spirit inspired the word.

The word covanant is not in the Bible.But the word covenant appears 32 times in the NKJ New Testament.

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