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Where does the word research come?


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research come from the word rechercher a french word meaning to search tightly

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the word reasearch came from the french language

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According to my research the word "caucus" comes from the language Algonquian. Thank you so much answers by Dina Galal

The noun research is an uncountable noun, a word for the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. The noun research is a word for a concept, expressed as some research, a lot of research, a little research, etc. The word research is also a verb: research, researches, researching, researched.

a sentence for the word research could be: I am going to research about The Great Wall of China's history.

the symbol mg comes from its name magnesium but magnesium come from a Greek wordtrust me i research this for hours for a project i have for science and it is hard

In Modern Greek the noun research is érevna ( ερευνα ), and the verb is erevno.The Greek word for research is...Rehema.

In about five minutes of research, it has come to mind that 'maggy' is not a word in neither English nor Latin.

The noun research is a common, uncountable, abstract noun; a word for a systematic investigation or study of something; a word for a thing.The word 'research' is also a verb: research, researches, researching, researched.

The root word of the word research is search. The prefix of the word research is re. Practicing root words is a good study for children to do on occasions to keep their English skills fresh.

wiki user is stupidbecause it means dumb and an idiot

He had to show research for his project.

The word research is an abstract noun.

No, research paper is not a compound word. Paperis a noun, and research is an adjective describing the type of paper being written.

from where the word 'science' come? from where the word 'science' come?

Th noun 'research' is a singular noun, which takes a singular verb. The word research is also a verb.

It should just take me few moments to research the usage of that word for you. Her diligent research has paid off rather handsomely.

The word research is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun. The word research is also a verb. Example sentences: Noun: The research will be funded by the university. Verb: You must research the source of the story before we can use it.

It can be. I will research that problem/article/question/subject for you

That is the correct spelling of the word "research" (investigative study).

You first need to come up with a theme for your research.

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nobody really knows were they really came from, they, i think came from, Hattusa. research on your own don't trust my word.

The word 'research' is a common noun, a general word for the systematic investigation or study used to establish facts or reach conclusions.

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