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In 1765 a Parisian soup-vendor named Boulanger (which, confusingly, means Baker) put up a sign outside his shop in Latin, reading: << VENITE AD ME VOS QUI STOMACHO LABORATIS ET EGO RESTAURABO VOS >>

"Come to me, all who labour in the stomach, and I will restore you."

The idea of serving individual meals to customers who could sit down and eat them on the spot was, amazingly, very new; so the restorative aspect of Boulanger's innovation was incorporated into the name for this type of establishment.

Thus, the word "restaurant" comes from the French word " la restauration", meaning "restoration".

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Q: Where does the word restaurant come from?
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The word restaurant came from French

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Word 'restaurant' derives from the French verb restaurer, meaning 'to restore'.

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The word restaurant derives from the French, and originally meant a place where you could restore your health by eating a nice healthy bowl of soup. Restaurant is literally a place of restoration.

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