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Where does the word skunk originate from?

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The word skunk is a coined wordof Algonquian origin.

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What is the skunk word?

skunk/ shtant

How do you say skunk in spanish?

To say the word skunk in Spanish you say the word mofeta. In Italian the word skunk is said as puzzola.

What is the Spanish word for skunk?

skunk = la mofeta

What word means skunk in Scots?

There is no word for skunk in the Scottish language - there are no skunks in Scotland.

How do you divide the word skunk into syllables?

Skunk has only one syllable, so it would just be "skunk".

How many syllables does skunk have?

The word skunk has only one syllable.

Is skunk a noun?

Yes, the word 'skunk' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a type of mammal, a word for a thing.

What part of speech is the word skunk?

The word "skunk" is both a noun and a verb.The noun "skunk" is a word for a type of mammal with a capability of spraying malodorous effluvia when annoyed; a word for a thing.The verb "skunk" means to have been sprayed by a such an animal; to to prevent an opponent from scoring or succeeding; to defeat completely; a word for an action.

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Spanish word for skunk?


What is the French word for skunk?


What is the origin of the word skunk?

The word skunk originates from the Ochki(O-ch-ky)tribe. Meaningthe white striped cat.

Where did the phrase drunker than a skunk originate?

From what I have been able to quickly gather, it is a fairly recent term (20th Century) probably originating in America. But we say "Drunk as a skunk".

How do you spell skunk in spanish?

The Spanish word for skunk is mefítido(meh-FEE-tee-doh)

Is the word skunk a clipped blended or borrowed word?

it is clipped

What is a sentence with the word originate?

They originate from Thailand.It was difficult to find where the gemstones originate from.

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What is the latn word of the skunk?

"Mephitis mephitis"

Where does the word thank you originate?

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Does the word bolshy originate from the bolsheviks?

Yes, the word "bolshy" does originate from the "bolsheviks".

What is the word for the animal skunk in spanish?

el zorrillo

What is a seven letter word that means skunk?


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What is another word for skunk?

There are many different varieties of skunk, however most of them still use the work 'skunk' in their name. The name Polecat is used instead of Skunk in certain areas. The Stink Badger, and Mephitis are names that could also be used, as they refer to different kinds of Skunk.

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