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Where does water came from?

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I comes from everywhere, because the water cycle enables water to move everywhere by the processes of evaporation, precipitation, sublimation, condensation and flow.

Originally almost all the water on earth came from comets, and comets still contribute water to the earth every day.

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Water came from it when struck?

Water came from the rock when Moses hit the rock with his rod.

The water from earth's oceans originally came from?

The water for Earth's oceans originally came from water vapor from volcanoes.

Where did water in the seas come from?

Well water in the seas came from glaciers that melter over time....When the earth freezes it freezes the water into glacires which melt into water...but if your asking where it came from before the age of man then no one knows where it came from.

Where the water came from?

from the clouds

Where did the word water originate?

It came from the either Latin or Roman word: Aqua. It means water I have no idea where we came up with water! D: oh nooo!

When you turn on a water faucet where does the water come from?

it came from a well

Where is the water came from?

it comes from rain

What is the best water for plants?

I think that tap water is the best for plants. I am doing a science fair experiment and I am testing which is better: Tap water Filtered water or Carbonated water The result was tap water! Carbonated water came in second and filtered water came in last.

Is the water supposed to come out of a hamster's water bottle?

yes! if no water came out, the hamster can die

Who said that all things came from water?

THALES said that all things came from water but Aristotle said that matter is composed of 4 elements: the water,the air,the fire and the earth.

Where water spinach came from?

Water spinach is native to Asia and is considered invasive.

Where did the salt from the dead sea come from?

The Dead Sea is the lowest spot on Earth so all of the water in the area came to this spot. Much of that water has evaporated leaving behind the salts that came with the water.

What type of water did the mohawk drink?

they drank burger water because it came out of there nose

What is the meaning of the word bisleri?

it came from the water brand Bisleri, which originally came from its founder "Felice Bisleri"

Where do rainbows came from?

rainbows from the sun and water from sky.

Where thas the tap water came from to bedford?


Can you have newts as pets?

yes if you have the natural water it came from.

Where does the oxygen that keeps us alive came from?


Who came up with the water frame?

Richard Arkwright

What kind of animals have storing food or water?


What came first water animals or land animals?

Land Animals, Remember ADAM & EVE

Who came to help Odysseus while he was stock under water in the storm?

A sea goddess came to help Odysseus.

What language did the word hydrogen com from?

The word "hydrogen" came from the French "hydrogène", which itself came from the Greek "hyrdos" ("water") and "-genes" ("born of, produced by"), meaning "producing water" because it creates water when exposed to oxygen.

What year did water polo came to America?

Water polo was first played in the USA in 1888

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the tsunami came and shaken off the water in the uhjhbgczhhbb bhcxcgz