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Where does wind go to?

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What makes drag on a wind surfer?

first you need wind to go wind surfing. The wind pushes the kite and it moves you where you want to go. It just like a sail boat

What are some songs with the word wind in them?

Wind go away wind come back

What is wind direction of the wind in Virginia?

Wind direction varies. It does not always go in the same direction.

What nicknames does Kasper Wind Nielsen go by?

Kasper Wind Nielsen goes by Kasper Wind.

How do you play Wind Of Change on the Piano?

Go to a piano music website, type in Wind Of Change, and there you go!

How fast does wind go in Ceres?

Ceres has no atmosphere and thus no wind.

What nicknames does Brett Wind go by?

Brett Wind goes by Synderella.

How fast does wind go when there is a tsunami?

A tsunami is not a wind-related event, so the wind could be going any speed.

Can wind move light?

All I know is no. Because light can go through wind.Like thisWINDThe line goes through the wind. So it can't.

What do you do with the manure on poptropicacom?

You got up to the wind mill. Go to the top. Jump on the wind hands and unlock the secret passage on the roof. Go in. Go to your inventory and click manure. There you go.

How do wind turbines create eletricity?

Yes, but only if they go round in the wind and they are connected.

What nicknames does Brad Lee Wind go by?

Brad Lee Wind goes by B.

Why is wind energy not usable everywhere?

The wind does not blow at adequate speeds everywhere. In many cases, where there is wind there are no powerlines for the power to go into.

How do you control wind in Wind Waker?

After you beat the first Dungeon the boat will give you the Wind Waker. Go to the Shrine behind the Island your on and take out the Wind Waker. You should learn the song to control wind.

How do you make the wind mill spin on poptropica?

you go inside the wind mill and go the gear with the rope and hang on it, then go outside and jump on the windmills to open the hatch inside

What is the purpose of testing shapes in a wind tunnel?

the purpose is they can find the best shape to go with the wind

Does the wind go toward a tornado?

Yes, wind near a tornado spirals in towards the tornado.

Why do wind turbines spin?

Because the wind moves the blades witch causes the turban to go

What can up a wind pipe down but can't go down a wind pipe up?


How do you get through the wind temple in wind waker?

you first have to defeat the fire and ice mountains. then get your iron boots in ice mountain and go to the wind temple and walk through the wind

What direction is down wind?

If you hold a leaf and let it go in the wind, the direction the leaf is blown is down wind.Thus if you turn to face in the opposite direction you are facing up wind.This means that if you are down wind of an animal it will be up wind of you.

How can a wind turbine go faster?

by a twister

Does mountain pass go with wind?

yes it is.

Why is an airstrip parallel to prevailing wind direction?

It is because if the plane get a head wind then it will gain extra lift but will go slower, if u get a tail wind you go faster but get less lift Hope it helps :D

What is a Banana Wind?

A banana wind is created when banana trees are swaying in the wind and causes a breeze to go by you, creating a breeze that smells like a banana.