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your salivary glands wich is located on both cheeks inside your mouth

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Q: Where does your saliva come from?
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If saliva comes out in a UA what does it come out as?

Really Really Dude/dudet Come on.

How come you saliva in your sleep?

when you sleep your facial muscles relax, so your mouth opens and saliva comes out. this is perfectly normal to do.

Which part of the mouth does saliva come from?

The part of the mouth that saliva comes from are the salivary glands. These glands are located in the cheeks at the bottom of the mouth.

Whether dengue will come with the saliva of infected person or not?

..absolutely yes!

Did limp bizkit come up with click click pull?

no Saliva did

Who sings the song that goes welcome to show that never ends come inside come inside?


Where does drool come from?

AnswerClearly from your mouth!!!!!Specifically, our saliva is produced from the salivary glands.

Can saliva cause infections?

Saliva can cause infections. If that person may come in contact with another person who has a dasease or saliva comes in contact with an open wound on the body. If this occurs and burning,dis-color,tingle,or anything unusual occurs seek a doctor.

Where does saliva come from in your mouth?

There are a few salivary gland in the mouth. the most dominant ones are the parotid glands. The other dominate spot where saliva is secreted is right below the top of the tongue.

Where does santorum come from?

It comes from a byproduct or mixture of lube, feces, semen, sweat, saliva etc.

Where would you find your saliva?

You will find saliva in your mouth as you have saliva glads there.

What pavlov's dog were trained to do?

They were trained to produce saliva with a stimulus other than the food. Normally, the dogs would only produce saliva when they saw the food and were about to eat. But he used a bell when the food was going to come. That way, the dogs learned that the food was going to come every time the bell rang, thus producing saliva whenever they heard the sound of the bell ringing.

How does saliva appear in the mouth?

Saliva is produced in the mouth from special saliva glands.

Kroger drug test saliva or urine?

ours uses saliva

MRSA in saliva?

MRSA can be in saliva.

How come a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's?

good question it is because they predouce more saliva

Can sperm come from mouth to make a girl pregnant after kising?

No, the saliva would kill all of the sperm.

What is the color of saliva?

Healthy saliva is clear.

Is saliva acidic or alkaline?

Saliva is basic

Is saliva a hormone?

No, hormones can be found in saliva

Is saliva a solid or liquid?

Saliva is a liquid.

Is saliva a mixture?

Yes, saliva is a mixture.

What is a liquid found in the mouth?


When you chew what is squirted into your mouth?


What is the difference between the pH of the resting saliva and the stimulated saliva?

Stimulated Saliva is more basic.....