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Mucus in the nose is used to collect foreign particles (dirt, dust, germs) before they enter the lungs. It can drip from the sinuses and from the interior of the nose, or it may dry within the nose. There is very little solid material in the mucus itself.

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Where does all the moisture from snot come from?

eat snot eat snot

Does snot come from your lungs?


Does snot come from the brain?

Snot is mucus created in the sinus cavities of the nose.

Where does snot come out?

It comes out of your nose.

Does snot come out when your on your period?

Snot out of your nose right ? Not nesessarily - it would though if you also have a cold.

Is it impossable to make snot come out of your mouth?


Is it possible for snot to come out of somebody's butt?

No it is not

Is snot rod in cars mater national?

Yes, Snot Rod DOES COME IN Mater National for ALL platforms.

How fast does snot come out of your nose?

about 150 MPH

Why when you blow your nose does snot come back straight away?

Because the band "Snot" has made a "come-back" they are playing again despite the death of their old vocalist. That's why

Dose snot ever come out of your butt?

if you swallow it you poop it out

Where does all the snot come from?

The snot comes from the lungs and mucus membranes. Mucus is meant to protect the lungs and membranes and contains antibodies that are designed to help kill disease.

What makes snot?

Snot is generally mucus.

What is snot made from?

snot is made from phlegm

Is snot brain juice?

No. Snot is phlegm.

Why is snot green?

snot is green because the articles inside react with your nose and therefore turning your snot green.

What a snot locker from the glass castle?

Your nose is your snot locker!

What is the medical term meaning snot?

Snot is nasal mucous.

Is it normal to have snot-like milk come out of your breast?

yes my gyno. told me that it is a sign that you are not baren

Can you eat snot?

Yes you can eat snot, but it's not very appiticing!

Do cats have snot?

Of course they do. Every animal that has a nose and sneezes has snot.

Do dogs have snot?

yes. my dog just blew snot out on my hand

What is the proper name for snot?

The proper name for snot would be mucus.

What is the difference between snot and mucous?

Snot is a form of nasal mucus.

What does it mean if a dog's snot is green?

isn't that the normal color of snot?