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Where does your stomach hurt before your period?


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The organ, the stomach, sits in the upper abdomen mid-center. The abdomen includes everything from ribs to pelvis. So your abdomen---not your "stomach"--may have pain or discomfort on either side right above the pelvic bone. This is where your ovaries sit on each side of the uterus.

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it may hurt before your period but only before it won't hurt after you start ___________________________________________________________ mine never did i had BAD headaches before i started, but the accutal bleeding doesnt hurt. _______ It hurts in your stomach

Sometimes, it can feel like a cramp in the lower part of your stomach, And other times it can feel like a stomach ache!

why is there a burning sensation in your stomach before your period?

you can get cramps or your stomach will hurt or your feet can hurt too but you can never be sure about when u start your period

If you're a female it could be your period.

You might be pregnant, you might be about to have your period or you might have a stomach bug

not usually , You wont notice really , you might get stomach ache if your nearly due for your period , but when you just start , it might cramp a bit , but it doesnt hurt as much as everyone says .

A girls stomach can hurt anytime. It doesn't mean she is pregnant OR on her period.

i think so cause my mom has had pain when she had hers and it might hurt some people just if it comes at a surtain time so just go with the flow

usually it would be that you would get cramps and your stomach will start to hurt.

My breast typically hurt about a week or so before my period is due, but i have heard that swollen or tender breast can be signs of pregnancy.

It stops because it your bodys way of getting ready for your period so it means you are very close to getting it also if your back or lower stomach hurt those are also signs that you are very close to getting your period

it only hurts if you ate or drank something before

I started to feel werid & my stomach started to hurt

Yes, I believe it is from bloating though.

Sometimes, excess gas in your stomach pushes through to the intestines, creating the pressure that you experience when you defecate

Wine does not hurt the stomach of a normal, healthy person.

idk if it does I hav not gotten my period yet, but I was in the shower, and down there started hurtin real bad!! ): it hurt....

Hi Your breasts may not hurt every period. This doesn't always happen. However, your breasts may start hurting during your period.

You feel them lower stomach most of the time.

you fist get this white film on your underwear, then you get a woozy feeling in your stomach, after that the next day you get bad cramps in your stomach, go to the bathroomIMMEDIATELY! then sure enough you will have your period!!!!!

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