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The only other way is to scan the module with a factory scan tool. An aftermarket scan tool will not do it. But, I have my doubts as to whether you are really looking at the correct module. I do not see how the number could not be on the module. That sticker is permanent. The remote anti-theft personality (RAP) module is located behind the left rear quarter panel trim, and is visible by removing the cover for the jack handle compartment on the left side, and use a flashlight to look behind the panel in the direction of the frontend. You will see the module and there will be a sticker on it with a five digit number. That is your door code.

it should be behind the door panel on the drivers side on the module itself

.... but you might be able to reset the thing yourself without the factory scan tool... this is what they do in the factory... and it works for me... still does on my 1996 Limited

This works for many of the Explorer models. In the newer models, the "hidden" box may be somewhere else.

A. Turn off all accessories.
B. Turn on (not the engine) accessories with key in ignition 8 times. On the 8th time leave accessories on using the key.
C. On keyless entry control, hit "lock", then hit "unlock".
D. Turn off accessories with the key
E. Turn on engine with the key
F. Try the keyless entry control to see if it's been reset.
F. If it's not been reset, disconnect main engine battery. Take out the two plugs (gray with lots of wires) in a box hidden over the left back wheel well inside the back of the explorer. Put them back in. Reconnect the engine battery. Go back to step A.

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Q: Where else might one find the factory pre-set code for the keyless pad entry on a 1999 Ford Limited other then the wallet card in the glove box or on the computer module it's on neither?
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