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After going straight down from your farm into town, go right to be on Celia's farm. Once across the bridge, go straight down and follow the path walking up a little slope. His house is the little blue one on a raised platform.

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Q: Where exactly does Galen live in harvest moon DS?
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Where the house of galen and Nina in harvest moon boy and girl?

There are no characters named Nina and Galen in Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl. Nina and Galen appear in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, Harvest Moon DS, and Harvest Moon DS Cute.

Who is galen in Harvest Moon DS DS?

He and his wife Nina are elderly town folk that live in a little hut.

Where is Galen's house in Harvest Moon DS?

In the southeast corner of the valley is Galen and Nina's little house.

Where is the circus ground in Harvest Moon DS?

It is in the area in the bottom right corner of the map. The area where Galen and Nina live.

Where is Galen on Harvest Moon DS Cute?

I have regular harvest moon ds but it is probably the same. Galen lives across the river and down. follow the road and then make a right. He lives with Nina on the hill. if you are looking for a fishing pole you have to walk in exactly at 12:00 with no tools equipped. You also have to have talked to both Galen and Nina already. Then you will get the fishing pole.

What does Galen like in Harvest Moon?

Galen is a character in more than one Harvest Moon game. If you are playing Harvest Moon DS or Harvest Moon DS Cute: He loves Noodle Dishes, Pirate Treasure, Fish Fossil He likes most Crops and Herbs If you are playing any of the Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life games: He likes Fish, Fish Dishes, and Herbs

Where is galen and nina's house in harvest moon ds?

south of vestas farm

Harvest Moon Ds who is Nina?

An old lady who lives in a hut with Galen.

Does Galen die in Harvest Moon DS?

No. But his wife Nina will die if you have a child.

Who is galen in harvest moon cute?

Galen is the creepy old man who is married to nina. He lives below Vesta's farm area.

Were is galen ninas house on Harvest Moon DS?

Their house is south of Vesta's farm.

Where exactly can you find Evian in harvest moon ds?

Unlike some of the harvest moon games, Evian isn't in Harvest Moon DS.

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