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he had been working at Bargain city dude

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Where did kenickie work over the summer in grease?

Bargain City

Where can you get a working permit if school is out for the summer?

The board of education for your school.

What are good summer ideas for college students besides working and summer school?

hangout with friends visit the beach for a well deserved summer holiday

Should you have school year round?

No, it should have at least 150 days of school before Summer.

Is it mandatory for every university student to get a summer job before they graduate from school?


Do engineers have summer vacation or no?

If they are teaching engineering, they may have a summer break between school years. If they are working in the field professionally, they may take a vacation or a sabbatical, but they probably wouldn't have the summer off.

Did Grandma Moses go to school?

Answer:Grandma Moses went to school only during the summer and only went up to when she was 12,then she started working.

What is something big you and your friends can do before summer ends and school starts?

you and your friends can have a party

When are traditional schools open even on summer break?

Traditional public schools are open for summer school on summer break. A week or two after the start of summer break and a week or two before the start of the school year, schools are often open for teachers and administrators.

Do you go to summer school when school gets out for summer?


How long does summer school last?

At the collegiate level of education, the length of summer-school programming varies from school to school. Generally speaking, however, most summer programs (and courses) begin one or two weeks after the end of classes in the Spring and end one or two weeks before the start of classes in the Fall.

How do you go to summer school?

Go to the school the first day of summer school and enroll.

How does summer school work?

You go to school in the summer cause you were not doing well in school

What are fun things to do in the summer or before school ends?

well...before school ends i like to do homework it is very fun because I'm a nerd and I'm happy to be one

What grade level does summer school begins?

for me you could go the year before going into kidnergarden

Where can I register for summer school?

You can register for summer school via the different online links of the respective summer schools. Alternatively, you can look for a summer school using the link

How many days of school do you have to go?

In the U.S there are 180 days of school total but you can only miss about 20-30 days before you are forced to go to summer school.

A high school graduate working at a daycare center for the summer. What job title would she get?

early childhood teacher assistant

Where can a 13 year old get a job in NJ?

well you can't but get your working paper at your school then when you turn 14 years you can get a summer job

When was Summer School Teachers created?

Summer School Teachers was created in 1974.

When was Summer Fields School created?

Summer Fields School was created in 1864.

When was Harvard Summer School created?

Harvard Summer School was created in 1871.

Whats better going to summer school or to puerto rico?

Summer school.

How long is summer school for anyioch vommunity high school?

summer school is 8 weeks in brownsville

How can school require a child to go to summer school and not provide after school care?

It depends on the school system's policy and on why you have to go to summer school.