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Q: Where in China did chopsticks come from?
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When did chopsticks come to Japan?

chopsticks came from china and moved into japan. people invented chopsticks because many were poor so it was easier to buy then fine china silver wear. But before it was used to eat with japenesse women used it to decerat their hair and keep it up with since their was no hair ties

Where are chopsticks used?

Chopsticks are usually used in China or Chinese restauraunts.

How many chopsticks are used in china each year?

45 million chopsticks

Where was chopsticks invented at?


Where did chopsticks originate?

In ancient China

Where are chopsticks from?

There from china silly billysThere from china silly billysThere from china silly billys

Do noodles come from china?

YES, of course.Chinese also call it as Chowmin.These people eat noodles with chopsticks.From China, it further spread to Japan and there also a trend of eating this with chopsticks started.

When were chopsticks first made?

It is believed the first chopsticks were developed over 5000 years ago in China.

What country uses chopsticks?

Most Asian countries like Korea, China, and Japan use chopsticks.

Why are chopsticks the traditional eating utensil in japan?

Chopsticks are the traditional utensils because they adopted them from China. They had no influence from western civilization at the time, so it was natural to take in things from China.

What tools does china use daily?


Did chopsticks originated from China?

I think it was Japan

Do china people use chopsticks?


How are hands or utensils used during eating in China?

In China, utensils like chopsticks are used to eat foods that include rice. The bowl of rice is raised to the lips with one hand while the other holds the chopsticks. The rice is moved to the mouth using the chopsticks.

Do China have forks?

Yes. China have forks though most Chinese use chopsticks. Actually, many Chinese children use forks and scoop in school ,but use chopsticks at home.

Did ancient china people use chopsticks?


How do people in china eat the noodles?

Usually with chopsticks

What utensils does China use?

Chopsticks and ceramic spoons.

Did China invent chopsticks?

Yes. They invented it in Shang Dynasty.

Why do china people use chopsticks?

because they dont use forks

What are some eating habits of the Chinese?

In china,the chinese use chopsticks

What are the two main eating utensils in china?

chopsticks and wooden spoons

How many trees are used for chopsticks each days?

1.7 million cubic meters of timber or 25 million trees in China are turned into disposable wooden chopsticks.

What is the difference on Chinese chopsticks and Korean chopest icks?

Korean chopsticks tend to be flatter whereas the ones used in China and Japan tend to be round or rounded squares.

How many years ago did chopsticks originate from china?

23 years ago