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Where in northwestern Europe first accepted Christianity?

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What area of the northwest Europe accepted Christianity first?

Which area of northwest Europe accepted Christianity first?

Scandinavia but I'm not so sure

Where did the first wave of immigrants come from?

Northwestern Europe

Who was the first roman leader to recognize the significance of northwestern Europe?


What was the thing that the Roman Emperor Constantine accepted first?


Who was the first wave of European immigrants to arrive to the US in the nineteenth century?

Northwestern Europe(:

The first wave of European immigrants to arrive to the US in the nineteenth century came from?

northwestern Europe

When was Christianity established throughout Europe?

Since the first century, Christianity has been practiced in Europe. It has been established that the Christian Church can be traced back to Peter and Paul in Europe.

Which religion spread first to Europe then around the world?


When did Christianity come to Germany?

It first developed in rome, but moved up into Europe quickly. Germany is part of Europe

Who were the first christions in eourpe?

The Kingdom of Armenia was the first state in Europe to adopt Christianity as its state religion. Armenia adopted Christianity as its state religion in 301 A.D. The Roman Empire was the second state in Europe to adopt Christianity as its state religion, and it did so in 380 A.D.

When was the rise of Axum?

The rise of axsum was after the declining of zagwee dynesity by king ezana who was first accepted Christianity.

When did Christianity begin in the Roman Empire?

Christianity began to be accepted by the Roman Empire under Emperor Constantine I The Great in 325 A.D. at the First Council of Nicea.

First Roman Emperor to accept Christianity?

The emperor Constantine and his co-emperor Licinius were the first emperors to recognize Christianity as a legal religion. In this manner you could say that they accepted Christianity. Weather they themselves were Christians is another matter that is open to debate.

What is the most popular religon in Europe?

It is christianity, but some would claim Islam, but I agree with the first.

Where was Christianity practiced?

Mostly in Europe back then. Answer: First in Israel, eventually spreading to worldwide coverage.

What religion spread first to Europe and then around the world?

I'm not quite sure, but I think it's Christianity.

What northwestern Wyoming park was the first national park in the US?

Yellowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming was the first National Park in the US.

Who made Christianity the official religion?

The first one to do this was Թագավոր Տրդատ Գ (King Tiridates III). He made Christianity the state religion of Armenia, the first nation to accept it as such. This was done after St. Gregory the Illuminator prayed to God and healed the dying Tiridates. Emperor Constantine accepted Christianity, but on his deathbed. He did it to have a significant accomplishment as emperor.

Where was Christianity born at?

According to history, Christianity was founded in Paelstine during the first century by the desciples of Jesus Christ. From Palestine the ideas were spread rapidly throughout the Roman Empire, however it took a while for the new religion to be accepted.

Was Mithraism a major competitor with Christianity?

Yes. Mithraism was a strong competitor to Christianity in the first two centuries, but had a fatal weakness, whatever its theological truth. Mithraism only accepted men as full members, whereas Christianity actively sought out women as converts, knowing that if the wives converted to Christianity, men would often follow.

What was first Christianity or catholosism?

Catholicism IS Christianity.

Did changes occur in Christianity when it got spread around the world?

AnswerAs Christianity spread, first around Europe, then around the world, it often adopted local gods as Christian saints. This was not so much out of respect for the gods, but to remove the attraction of pagansim. Instead of worshipping their old god, the people could venerate their new saint, as long as they accepted Christianity. With its spread, Christianity also adopted feast days to coincide with the sacred days of the old religions, to ensure that people performed Christian worship on those days, rather than pagan worship.

Where can you find potatoes in Europe especially in the UK or in Italy?

The potato was first domesticated in the region of modern-day southern Peru and extreme northwestern Bolivia[1] between 8000 and 5000 BCE.

The first emperor to legalize Christianity was?

The first emperor to legalize Christianity is Constantine