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its usually on one of those pages where it shows the animal jam ad for example i got that magazine and on the ad it said the code was play wild. that code doesnt work anymore. so look on the ad of animal jam it will tell you the code

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โˆ™ 2011-09-17 16:16:33
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Q: Where in the National Geographic kids magazine do you find the animal jam codes?
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Is it National Geographic for kids that gives you the codes for Animal Jam?

yes but the main places you find codes is in a national geographic magazine

Are there more codes for National Geographic Animal jam?

my ges is no

Are the Animal Jam codes on the quiz page in the magazine?


What are all the moshi magazine codes?

The codes are different in each copy of the magazine, so you will need to purchase your own copy of the magazine to get the codes.

How do you get 1000 gems on animal jam?

You could get 1000 gems by playing games (double gem games work best) getting membership, or entering a code at the signup. Codes are found within National Geographic magazines at the Animal Jam page.

What are all the animal jam codes?

These are the Animal Jam codes that are still valid.explore2012explorerThese are the Animal Jam codes that are not valid anymore. (Note: dont use these codes that are not valid antmore)playwildplayfreeNewYearJamfoodfightpotiondiscoverydancepartycampwildmoviebytesspeedyhammockplaysmartcelebrationgorillatreasurefestivalgeckoThese are all the known codes up until today which is August 2011.National Geographic publishes a new magazine every month or every other month with a new code(s) in it.I will try to update this list when a new code comes up.Bye peeps.- Junior Shyliliy (On Animal Jam)another code valid until may 31 2012 is PESKYPHANTOMS! NOTE: (Do not listen to claims about codes for clothes, furniture, secret items, or codes that give you more gems on certain days. These claims are FALSE and Animal Jam would NOT do that.) There is on code to get a plushie it is gecko u get a green or orange geck plushie!!!

How do you get rich on animal jam?

Look for codes in national geographic magazine's (the ones for kids) there are usually 1-3 codes that give you items or 500-1000 gems you can also play high paying games {there's one where you dress up and earn 25-200 gems each turn and you can play all you want!} And right now in December you can visit every day and get a prize just for logging on! hope it helped add me on animal jam twilightmoon30749

What are the moshi monsters magazine codes?

You can only use magazine codes once, by the person who enters them first.

Where are the secret codes in the moshi monster magazine?

Hi the codes are on the cut out pull out inside the magazine at the bottom.

Where do you look in Young Rider Magazine for howrse codes?

There are no codes produced for Howrse anymore. Codes were discontinued in 2008. You can no longer find Howrse codes in any magazine.

What are some animal jam codes for December 8 2011?

Well, in the magazine it didn't have the code so I'm not really sure.

What are the codes for Becketts gamer magazine aqworlds?

April magazine code is oiou815

What are examples of codes on Animal Jam?

what are animal jams codes

How do you get bekket codes?

By buying/ reading the magazine. The codes are: oicu812 thirteen1 dragonkhan8234280

What are some animal 2013 codes?

animal jam codes 2013

What are the area codes for all the states?

There are nearly 300 geographic area codes in the United States.

Where do you get a animal code and key code?

there are no animal codes or "key" codes if you are talking about animal jam

What are the Hero Factory codes?

Hero factory codes that can be found in your Lego club magazine

What are all the codes in little space heros?

Get the magazine!

What are some kkash codes from the magazine?

smell my ass

Aqworlds codes from magazine?

oicu812 thirteen1 dragonkhan8234280

How do you get moshi bandz wallpaper and a golden moshi mag on moshi monsters?

The Golden Magazine Cover and Moshi Bandz Wallpaper are Limited Edition codes from Moshi Magazine #1. To get the codes, you have to buy a copy of the magazine.

What are all of the bin weevils codes for dosh?

You need to get the binweevils magazine to find the dosh codes

Where are promotional codes in horse illustrated?

The magazine "Horse" no longer features Howrse promotional codes.

What are some pet codes for animal jam?

sorry, but there is no pet codes for animal jam.