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What are the strings on a bass guitar?

On a 4-string bass the one nearet you leg (and the higghest sounding note) is G. The next one up is D, then A and finally E. On a 5 string you also have C, after the E

What are the strings to a bass guitar called?

The most common configuration is a 4 string bass with E A D G strings. 5 string basses are also very popular and add a low B string.... B E A D Gpoopoo

What is the thickest string on the bass guitar?

an ordinary bass guitar has 4 strings,the thickest being the E string,the thickness of this string depends on the players prefrence,if youll be downtuning a lot then a heavier string is the best option to help stop strings buzzing too much,it all depends on the style you play and personal prefrence, ( Full Answer )

Why are your bass strings hard?

the bass strings have to be thicker than guitar strings because a string needs to be thicker to accomodate more bass. This could make it seem like theyre "hard"

What are the strings on a bass guitar made of?

On an electric bass, they could be chrome plated steel, nickel plated steel, stainless steel, or a nickel/steel alloy. On an acoustic bass, they can also be steel plated with bronze or phosphor/bronze. The package the strings came in should say what metals they are made from since each metal composi ( Full Answer )

How many strings does the double bass have?

The double bass has 4 strings. It is a classical instrument that is related to the violin and cello, but is the largest in this family. There are basses that have more strings, but they are usually electric instruments, such as 5 or 6 stringed basses. As well, there are 8 and 12 string basses that h ( Full Answer )

What is the lowest string on a double bass?

The lowest string on a four string double bass is an E string. If you have a fairly rare five string double bass then the lowest fifth string is a B string.

How many strings are on a bass?

Depends what kind of bass, on a double bass there are 4, electric basses come with 4 or 5 strings usually although 6 strings isn't rare and you can get up to 11 or 12 string basses which have the same range as a grand piano. Please google you're question first as all this info came from wikipedia an ( Full Answer )

In what order do the bass strings?

On a 4-string bass the one nearet you leg (and the higghest sounding note) is G. The next one up is D, then A and finally E. On a 5 string you also have C, after the E

What is a 6 string bass for?

A Bass guitar with 6 string. It a a 4 string bass with two added strings (a lower B and a higher C) The normal tuning is C G D A E B

Where can you buy an eleven string bass?

You must have some high aspirations, compadre. No. You won't be able to just waltz into a store and pick one of those babies up off the shelf and buy it. All of those ridiculous bass guitars are one-off custom guitars made by the manufacturer for the performer, at a fairly hefty cost. If you are ser ( Full Answer )

Are bass strings and guitar strings the same?

Absolutely not. While the first four strings on a guitar are tuned to the same notes on a bass guitar (E, A, D, and G), the bass guitar is tuned an octave lower, and requires a thicker gauge of strings. Interchanging the strings at pitch is not ideal, if not impossible. Furthermore, their sounds are ( Full Answer )

What was a longbow?

A longbow is a type of bow that is tall (roughly equal to the height of the person who uses it); this will allow its user a fairly long draw, at least to the jaw (the average length of the Mary Rose arrowshafts is 75 cm/30 in).

How much strings does a Bass guitar have?

most bass guitars have 4 strings (this is what the majority of players use and what pretty much all beginners start with. 5 and 6 string basses are also avaliable, ans anything higher than this is very uncommon. To be honesy I think that the 5 string bass is the best option as it offers range on ton ( Full Answer )

Why upper 2 strings of bass guitar played the most?

\nThe top two strings of a bass guitar (I assume you're referring to a traditional 4 string bass guitar, not a 5 or 6 string) are not necessarily the most played.\n. \nHowever, they may be the most noticeable sounds emanating from the guitar when they are played because of their higher frequency. T ( Full Answer )

What are the notes for the string on a bass guitar?

E A D G E is the lowest string (thickest) and G is the highest string (thinnest) A five string bass will have a B string at one end, either thicker than the low E (a low B 5 string) or thinner than the G (a high B 5 string).

What are the double bass strings?

Usually EADG but some double basses have five strings with the lowest being a B. Other four string basses have something called a low C-extension, this means that the lowest string is no longer an E but a C.

How do you re-string a bass guitar?

slip the string through the body and up the string, on my brothers warlock I used the headstock as a measuring stick almost, i stretched the string up to the end of the headstock than clipped off the extra part. put the strings 2nd end that's loose into the machine head right down into it, than b ( Full Answer )

What are bass guitar strings made of?

a steel wire and they wrap nickel or steel around it depending onwhat brand you go with. in the early 1900s they used animal guts for bass strings andanimal hair on the thinner strings for stringed instruments.

What holds the bass strings to the bottom of the bass?

Your Bass Strings are usually fed through a hole at the base of your bass. (The metal fixing at the bottom) one end of your strings should have stoppers at the end, feed the the opposite end through first, then attatch your strings too the tune keys and wind up, Good Luck

Does a double bass have the biggest string?

Generally speaking, yes. The strings on a bass are longer than those on the nearest contender, the cello. They also tend to be thicker, because they are often made of different material. When cello and bass strings are made of the same materials, using the same processes, the G (top) string of the b ( Full Answer )

Are the string bass and the double bass the same?

The double bass is much like the string bass, but it is also known as an upright bass, and commonly used in symphonies. It can be played with fingers, (pizzicato) but is usually played with a bow, like a violin. It looks like a big violin, and is played with the bottom of it, (opposite of where you ( Full Answer )

Which bass guitar strings are good?

Probably the Ernie Ball Power Slinky bass strings. However if you have a good amount of money for strings, DR is the best there is in terms of durability and sound.

What are the strings on a 9 string bass?

There's nothing really "by the book" on this , the first basses had four strings cause of the upright ! Then someone had the idea of adding a fift string and a sixt and more and more... the most i've seen yet is twelve ! As for tuning, i use low F#, B, E, A, D, G, C and if i was to go up to 8 string ( Full Answer )

Which 5 string bass is better?

BC Rich has some good ones but im anti-signature bass but disturbeds signature bass through an ordinary guitar cable and a microcube amp blew me away.

What is the bass instrument in a string quartet?

i would say the cello since an actual bass doesnt typically play in a string quartet it usually either 2 violin a viola and cello or 3 violin and a cello :) hope i helped

Is ukulele a string up bass?

Not really. The standard ukulele tuning is very different then a guitar. The bass ukulele could be tuned from a bass guitar.

Is there flute and string bass music?

Yes. Bertram Turetzky's "Duo for flute and string bass" is the most common, followed by Donald Erb's "Miscellaneous for flute and string bass." Any music dealer should be able to search for suitable music.

How do you play the string instrument the bass?

A double bass has four strings, E,A,D, and G. It also has a bass clef, and is played by plucking or bowing the strings close to the bridge. Bass guitars usually have the same four strings, but can sometimes have five, or six strings, a low B and a high C.

How do string basses work?

You pluck the string (or rub it with a bow) and it vibrates, which sets up vibrations in the air. The body of the bass exists to serve as a resonant cavity to amplify the sound.

Is a bass guitar a string or a percussion?

It really depends. Most of the time it is in strings, like double bass and guitar, but sometimes it is considered percussion in concert bands and orchestras.

What are the bass strings named?

The standard tuning, which provides the string names, for the four stringed bass guitar is (Thickest to thinnest) E-A-D-G.

What is a string bass or double bass?

The Double Bass is the largest, and lowest pitched, instrument in the orchestral family of string instruments. It is played by using a bow, also known as arco, or plucking the strings, known as pizzicato. The Double Bass is a transposing instrument and plays notes an octave lower than they are wr ( Full Answer )

What ar the strings on a double bass?

The letter names of the strings on a Double Bass, from lowest to highest, are: E A D G The Bass is tuned in fourths, rather than fifths like the other main string instruments.

What ensemble would a string bass be in?

Mostly depends on what key you're playing. If you're doing the standard then I suggest EAFD. Some people drop their notes to "D," check out tutorials online that shows a visual example.

How is a string bass played?

There are several method books, the most popular being Simandl and Billé. Although jazz is primarily played pizzicato, many of the best known players play with the bow or even had classical instruction. Both Oscar Pettiford and Ron Carter play the cello as well, and Paul Chambers though his sound ( Full Answer )