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The Book of Acts is the historical account of the early church in The Bible.

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Q: Where in the bible tells the story of the early christian church?
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What book of the bible tells the story of paul and the early church?

The Book of Acts.

Where does Christian story originate from?

It originates from true events that happened and were recorded by people of that time. The writings were put into a book called the Bible. The second part of the Bible - The New Testament - is the record of the life of Jesus Christ,His teaching, the start of the Christian Church, the doctrines of the Christian Church and the growth of the Christian Church

Is the Old Testament longer than the New Testament?

Yes. The Old Testament is the Jewish bible and deals with the history of the Jews and God's relationship with them. The New Testament is the story of the life and ministry of Christ and the early Christian Church.

What book of the Bible tells the story of the early church?

Acts is the main book that tells of the establishment of Christianity and many of the Epistles do as well.

What is the story of the early Christian Church?

AnswerActs of the Apostles is often thought to provide the history of the early Christian Church. However, some scholars have difficulty with this, in part because of the considerable contradictions between Acts and the epistles of Paul They say that whenever they see a contradiction, it should be the epistles that are given priority.If Acts is discounted as a reliable story of early Christianity, there is little else known about the early Church. There are many Christian traditions, including some arguably fanciful stories of the martyrdom of the apostles, but on this scholars doubt their authenticity. Tradition also says that the apostle Peter was the first bishop of Rome, but there is no evidence that Peter ever went to Rome, and scholars say that the office of bishop was only instituted in the second century, as the Church became large enough to warrant 'overseers'.No contemporary records of the story of the early Christian Church have been passed down to us. Even Acts was not a contemporary record, being written early in the second century, some seventy years after the founding of Christianity. Perhaps in time more will be learnt of the story of the early Christian Church, but today that story is largely guesswork and unreliable traditions.

Do Mormons believe that peter was hung up side down?

The tradition that Peter was crucified upside down comes from the early Christian scholar Origen in the early part of the third century. As it is not mentioned or supported by the Bible, the story of Peter being crucified upside down is considered an unverifiable tradition by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church). The Church has made no statement as to how Peter died.

What is the story of balloons in the Bible?

There is no story of balloons in the Bible. Balloons were created in the 1780's; the Bible was written in B.C. times and early centuries A.D.

Why is it in Sundays usually Christians go to church. why not in anather day?

Because the Christian 'day of rest' is Sunday. It stems from the creation story in the bible '...and on the seventh day, God rested...'

What is the traditional Christian creation story found in the Bible?

The book of genesis gives the story of gods creation.

What is the ACTS in the Bible?

The Book of Acts is the story of the Apostles after Jesus' Ascension. The Church begins on Pentecost Sunday in the early chapters and ends with the Apostle Paul's ministry in Rome.

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What evidence suggests that medieval art was dominated by the Christian religion?

The evidence is the art. When every bit is a bible story or has a saint as the subject there can be only one conclusion is that it was dominated by the Catholic church.

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