Where in the body is the soul located?

Soul can't be studied in Biology and science , it is related to religion and theology .Islamic View . Qur'an says that soul is "AMAR" of Allah .

Since the soul is not readily visible, it is a subject of much debate. People's religion or culture can affect their opinions of where it is located, or if there even is such a thing. Here are some various thoughts on the subject. (There are also many Bible verses that have been shared, which can be located in the discussion area.)

The soul has no location:

The soul is not a physical entity, therefore can have no location. It exists in your thoughts, ideals and actions.

Your soul does not have a physical location in your body. The dictionary definition of soul -- "The spiritual part of your body that gives life to your body." Most people, especially religious people, would agree that the connection between your soul and your body is severed when you die. That is, a dead body no longer is linked with the soul it had. The dictionary definition also agrees with this. Where your soul goes after death is where you will get many different theories.

The soul and the brain:

One can imagine that there is some connection between your soul and your brain. Your brain is not necessarily the physical location of your soul, but there is an indefinable connection between your soul and your brain because your brain is the one organ you cannot live without. (If your heart stops for too long, you die because of the lack of oxygen being carried by blood to your brain. Your heart stopping is not the direct result of your death. Also, people can get heart transplants, but cannot get a brain transplant. If you research brain transplants, it is understood that memories, consciousness, i.e. soul, would be maintained with the brain, not with the body.)

Your brain perhaps interprets your soul. You can't really say that your soul is linked with your brain in any way physically, because that would be saying that brain damage literally changes people's souls. Brain damage can in fact change a person's behavior, but it is possible their brain can no longer properly interpret their soul, instead of their soul being changed. This sort of gets into the second definition Merriam Webster had for soul -- "A person's deeply felt moral and emotional nature."

Some writings (Vedic and otherwise) locate the soul at the base of the brain. This conclusion has been reached because this area is the hub of your electrical activity and disciplined individuals have detected the soul (or perhaps just electrons) passing most frequently there.

Descartes has called the pineal gland, which is in the geometric center of the brain, "the seat of the soul." It is directly behind the eyes, hence the biblical saying "the eyes are the windows to the soul".

Physicians are well aware that if you remove or severely damage the brain, the body can no longer live. Even in the brain, though, there is no single structure that corresponds to a "soul." It resides in the body but is not completely limited to it. It identifies with the brain but is greater than it. It expresses through speech, emotions and deeds but its capacities go far beyond them.

Since the brain is the least studied organ of the body, more and more scientists are realizing what a magnificent piece of circuit board it actually is and there is much to learn from it. Scientist or any of us cannot rule out the fact we do have soul because we know so little about the brain.

The soul is with its master:

Your soul is you, the forever you. You can never die. It's unthinkable to be dead from all existence. You live forever.

The soul is located by pinpointing your thoughts and desires. You know where your soul is by observing what kind of master you follow. You may be following Satan, or God, only. Whoever you follow, that is where your soul is, with your master. Your soul will be with your chosen master forever.

The soul is electrical or energy:

The "soul" is a series of electrical impulses. When you die, those impulses flow to earth to rejoin the universal energy reservoir.

There can be no such thing as an immortal soul. Imagine everyone who ever lived having his or her own slice of energy, which never changed or became part of a greater energy (thus losing its individuality completely). Do all these souls just float around the universe looking for something to do?

The concept of an immortal soul is an ancient one proposed by primitive peoples who were unable to accept that their time in existence was fleeting. Because they had developed consciousness, they believed that this was some separate entity, held within the container of their physical being.

The soul is the energetic composition of the universe. Everything is interconnected through energy and that theory is backed up by Quantum physics and Quantum Mechanics as well. The soul is the imprint that makes the body, it is the energetic essence and power that hold and shape the physical world, and universe.

The Baghavad Gita states the soul is "one hundredth of one hundredth of the width of a human hair". Your hair is c.300 molecules wide. It is reasonable to conclude the Vedic wisdom points to electricity- more specifically the electron.

Such matter cannot be captured. It cannot be located since it can move freely and instantaneously throughout your body's electrical field.

Your soul can also be viewed as the ability of your body to tap into the universal zero point field. simply speaking, this is the ever-present field of constantly shifting positive-and-negative charge filling the entire universe. It is called the zero-point field because, until recently, all scientists simply factored it out of their quantum equations believing the random fluctuation of charge to even itself out to zero. Systemic universal memory theory offers the intriguing theory and supporting logic that our DNA is tuned to this universal energy source and that, by our definition of life, this energy source can be said to be living and remembering. Your DNA can be said to be not only your blueprint, but your antennae to the divine, and as such I would consider this to be my soul- the thing that connects me to everything, everywhere and everywhen. In this sense, there is no inside and outside and no death.

The soul is life:

Your soul is the breath of life that GOD breathed into you. Your spirit is that spark of GOD HIMSELF that HE placed in your soul that is life.

There is no soul:

There is no such thing, it's an idea in your mind.

Your soul is in your mouth:

It's beneath your tongue, in the space behind your teeth. Really, look for yourself. In times of sadness you can taste it, cold and metallic. During a soul-loss you can feel it slipping away, like a cool stream.

The soul is emotions:

Humans have 3 parts: spirit, soul, body. Your soul consists of your intellect, emotions.

The Bible teaches us that the soul is the emotions and intellect and is eternal. A person is made up of body, soul, and spirit. It's quite easy to figure out the body, but the soul and spirit are a little more elusive. King David talked to his soul quite often in the book of Psalms. "Rejoice in the Lord, O my soul", and so on. Read Psalms and you'll get a pretty good understanding of the soul. The spirit of man lies dormant until we ask Jesus to come into our life, then the spirit becomes active, also, and that empty feeling you have felt will disappear.

The soul is the body or person as a whole:

The one who created the human body tells us what the soul is--

In the Bible, soul is translated from the Hebrew nephesh and the Greek psykhe. Bible usage shows the soul to be a person or an animal or the life that a person or an animal enjoys.

Gen. 2:7: God proceeded to form the man out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man came to be a living soul. (Notice that this does not say that man was given a soul but that he became a soul, a living person.)

1Pet. 3:20: In Noah's days ... a few people, that is, eight souls, were carried safely through the water. other translations such as JB and TEV say people; RS, NE, and NAB use persons.) showing soul and person to be one and the same.

(See discussion area for more verses on this view.)

The soul is not located anywhere, it is the human.

The soul is an aura:

The aura is your soul. It encircles the entire body and is held there by electrical forces. When a person dies the electrical force weakens and the aura will drift away from the body upon death. Our auras change with our moods. If angry we can have bright red auras, sad we can have blues with black specks, etc. It's our auras that can clash with another persons and we either don't like that person or we do like them. It's a proven fact we all have one and it can be seen if done right. There are actual classes one can go too to learn this method. The wonderful thing about auras is some scientists are beginning to realize they can see where something is wrong with the body by studying the aura. If the aura is broken in a certain part of the body then that is where the problem lies.

The aura is around the complete shape of a human, animal, and every living thing including trees and plants. If you search "All about auras" online, you'll realize just how it's proven. One test was a wide leaf was cut in half. When one looked at it under normal light the leaf was half a leaf, but under certain conditions the aura was at the end of the leaf in the same shape as before and therefore, the leaf was there.

Many soldiers that lost a leg in the war would complain that their leg was itchy or hurt, yet doctors thought this was psychological. In reality the leg is still there because the shape of the leg (aura) is there!

Some of us have read about people seeing bright lights, an angel with a glow around them, etc. When a person dies they are approximately 7 lbs. lighter, but some doctors and scientists will argue the fact that it's the release of body fluids. Some people dying will smile and reach out to someone or something; while others just drift off into a never ending sleep and they're peaceful.

Indeed there is proof that doctors and scientists are second-guessing the idea that we do indeed have a soul. After a person dies in the hospital the body is left one hour to give the soul time to pass. Why? If you are a non-believer then why bother to leave a body for one hour after passing? My mother died 2 years ago and I was shocked to find out that even the funeral homes wait 3 days (this is in British Columbia) before preparing the body for cremation or burial. Part of it is to be sure the soul has gone, and part of it is to be sure the person is deceased, as there have been a few cases where the person was not actually dead, but the heart was beating at such a low pace it was not picked up by the monitor.

People who have had near-death experiences have often been declared dead on the operating table or in the hospital room, but when they regain consciousness they can tell the doctor and nurses exactly what they saw them do to try to save their lives. At first doctors and scientists wanted us to believe that it was only the brain reacting to the lack of oxygen and hallucinations, but they're singing a different song now.

Only God knows:

No human can know for sure. God knows, but mortals don't.

Soul is an essence:

The soul is what we are, actually, GOD in formation. It is not a location, it is an essence.

Soul is in your heart:

The soul is within you, it sits mainly in the area of the heart. Your brain is separate from your soul. When something happens to you that just hurts deep with in, that is your soul. when it feels like a two edged knife cutting through you it is cutting through your soul. The heart of the matter.