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Q: Where in the holderness coast is exposed to deposition?
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What is at the holderness coast?

a beach.

How long is the holderness coast?


What the geology at the holderness coast?

boulder clay and chalk

What is the impact of coastal erosion along Holderness coast on humans?

we can no longer use their mums

How much of the holderness coast falls into the sea?

It's roughly 5 feet a year

What solutions for holderness coast erosion?

Build sea defences along the whole 60 km of coastline.

Where is the Holderness Library in Holderness located?

The address of the Holderness Library is: 866 Us Route 3, Holderness, 03245 M

When was the holderness coast formed?

Yes it was invaded by siamese cats and is now called ferball coastline. hope this helps.

What deposition feature is found at the coast?

Placer Deposit

What is the birth name of Ashaneese Holderness?

Ashaneese Holderness's birth name is Oshaunice Wonderful Holderness.

What is the birth name of Nasharin Holderness?

Nasharin Holderness's birth name is Nasharane Marvelous Holderness.

When was George Holderness born?

George Holderness was born in 1913.