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Just below where the CPU is located under a heat sink. Although most modern motherboard don't have north bridges and south bridges and instead are combined into a single chipset.

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Q: Where in the motherboard can you find northbridge?
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What does it mean when they tell your Motherboard's Northbridge is badCan you fix that?

The Northbridge is one of the most important parts of a motherboard's architecture.When it goes out there's not much you can do about it except get a new motherboard.

What is motherboard north?

Maybe you mean "northbridge"? in that case:The northbridge has historically been one of the two chips in the core logic chipset on a PC motherboard. The northbridge is the memory hub controller.

A picture of motherboard that each parts has a name?


Which are the chip sets on a computer motherboard?

The chipset of a motherboard consists of both Northbridge and Southbridge. Northbridge is the faster component, as it handles things such RAM and CPU. Southbridge on the other hand, takes things slow and handles components of the motherboard such as USB, Ports (audio, speaker, mic). The Northbridge and Southbridge must be made by the same manufacturer. For example, you cannot put a Northbridge AMD on a motherboard with Southbridge Intel.

What is the function of motherboard south bridge?

Is a chip that implements the "slower" capabilities of the motherboard in a northbridge/southbridge chipset computer architecture.

What is a part of the motherboard and connects the processor to main memory?

A northbridge or memory controller is part of the motherboard that connects the processor to the main memory

What are four common elements found on a motherboard in a computer?

Processor, Memory, Northbridge, Southbridge

Name four components of a motherboard?

PCI Slots CPU Socket Northbridge RAM slots PCI Slots CPU Socket Northbridge RAM slots

What is its purpose on motherboard amd 770 northbridge chipset?

The purpose of the 770 Northbridge chipset on the motherboard is to link the computer system's hardware to the processor. Like other computer Northbridge chipsets, they act like the nerves that send signals to the entire unit. The 770 is lower power due to smaller connectors, which makes it an effective chipset.

Indentify the functions of the northbridge and southbridge chipsets on a motherboard?

The Southbridge chipset manages onboard peripheral devices The Northbridge chipset manages communication between the CPU, memory, and the Southbridge chipset

What is the purpose of the Northbridge on a motherboard?

To direct traffic to and from CPU, Memory, level 2 Cache, and the PCI and AGP ports.

Identify the functions of the Northbridge and Southbridge chipsets on a motherboard?

Communication between the CPU and the RAM and PCI Express slots

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