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Animal testing takes place all over the world in many countries although many have bans on testing for cosmetics

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Q: Where in the world does animal testing take place?
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Where does animal testing take place?

Animal testing most often takes place in laboratories. This is often considered animal abuse. Animal testing can also take place in colleges and universities.

How long does the animal testing take?

Animal testing has been going around for ages, the earliest recorded date was in the 19th Century (1800's) but historians reckon to took place much earlier

Do they take the animals out of there habitat for animal testing?

Many are, but it depends on what type of animal it may be.

Largest animal migration in the world take place?

The largest animal migration takes place yearly on the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania and Kenya.

When did drug testing first take place in the Olympics?


When does the Flea Market take place in Animal Crossing Wild World?

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How long has cosmetic testing on animals been around for?

In 1938, the United States government required cosmetic companies to test their products on animals. It didn't take long for animal testing to become a worldwide phenomenon but many governments throughout the world are now banning, or are in the process of banning animal testing in the cosmetic industry.

Where did testing of the atomic bomb take place?

Alamogordo, New Mexico

Does genetic testing take place to identify type1 diabetes?

yes it does.

Bad points on animal testing?

millions of animals are being kiled each year and mainly for silly things such as make up we take animal testing for granted and we become greedy!!

Where does mitosis take place in animal cells?

Mitosis takes place in the cytoplasm of an animal cell.

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