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Where is1998 Honda Civic dx transmission filter location?


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Located inside the transmission.


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The filter is located inside the transmission.

The 1995 Honda civic dx transmission does not come with oil filter.

It has no filter on the trans-axle. If you are talking about the transmission filter, then it is inside the transmission.

Yes, it is a permanent filter inside the transmission.

From what i have read the transmission fluid filter is inside of Honda trannys. You have to take apart the thing to get at it!

the filter is inside the tran seek professional

Inside the transmission. Most Honda transmission filters are non servicable. The transmission must be removed to change the filter. By the time the filter needs changing, the transmission needs rebuilding. Change the fluid and forget the filter.

Yes it will fit, however the mounts are in a different location

i was told by the dealer on a 1993 civic there is no filter just change the fluid.

If it's a Manuel there isn't one but auto it's inside the transmission.

Most Honda's use an internal filter that is non-serviceable and can only be accessed by removing the transmission. Just change the fluid and forget the filter.

It is located inside the transmission and is a non-serviceable item. It is only replaced when the transmission is rebuilt.

Your car has two. One is a cartridge filter. You access it by draining the transmission fluid and removing the transmission pan. The other is so far inside your transmission you have to tear the unit down to get to it.

No, the 1995 Honda Civic transmission does not have a filter. The fluid is recommended to be changed every 75,000 miles to ensure clean fluid is kept in the housing.

The automatic transmission will have a dip stick location on a 1982 Honda Civic. Pull the dip stick to see the color and texture of the fluid.

YES.. Honda does not make transmission with servicable filters. the only way to access the filter is to "overhaul" the transmission. Macs Transmissions (Houston, TX)

That vehicle does not have a serviceable filter. The filter is located INSIDE of the transmission and is only accessable if the transmission is completely dissasembled. If you have any further questions, please call or e-mail me Macs Transmissions 281-394-4951

Honda Automatic transmissions use an internal filter that is designed for the life of the transmission. It is extremely rare that one would have to be changed. Also do not do a power flush on a Honda transmission as it will ruin the internal seals.

back of the block get to it from under the car use oil filter pliers not a slide wrench

Automatic transmission serial numbers are found on the front of the housing. It will be displayed on a barcode that will be inlayed on the transmission housing.

94 civic transmission fluid drain

how do i change that air filter on a 2001 civic?

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