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You can find Admiral Leonard on the top left "arm" of Starfish Isle. He is underneath the palm tree directly right of the dock going from Starfish to the southern tip of Jungle Isle.

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Where is Admiral Leonard on HorseIsle?

He's on Starfish Isle and here is his quest:Admiral Leonard's Sextant (25qp) [Novice]Begins: Admiral Leonard, Starfish IsleItems Needed: NoneAdmiral Leonard has lost his sextant. Head north west and use your magnifying glass on the rocks there. Return to Admiral Leoanard.Reward: $2000

How do you get to starfish isle on horse isle?

go to the end of tail isle and there is a bridge you can cross then you are on starfish isle

Where is bess on starfish isle on

Bess is on the Northwestern arm of Starfish Isle. Just look for the docks, she's the harbormistress.

Where is Bess on HorseIsle?

On the left arm of starfish isle.

How do you get to starfish isle on HorseIsle?

Go down to the Appleton Docks, and go to Tail Isle. You will need to go across Tail Isle. You may use the wagon, or walk.When you are at Tail End (Tail Isle's only town), go north and cross the bridge.Now you are on Starfish Isle!

Where to bury Mortimers treasure chest?

southeastern tip of starfish isle

Where is the start of Admiral Leonard's Sextant quest in Horse Isle?

Go to StarFish Isle and then go all the way until you get to a dock that takes you to Jungle. DON'T GO TO JUNGLE!! Now there should be some palm trees go to the 3rd palm tree to the right. I think that's where he is he is south right below the palm tree. (East from the dock is what I mean) --EmeraldLemon-- (CHestnut) -If for some reason you are not able to find the Jungle Isle Docks, they are located on the top right arm of the starfish on Starfish Isle. Look on your map if you get confused. -This last piece of information is from LilahRose on the Grey Server. Add meh. Read mah profile for rules.

Where do you Start wax for Crash for the Horseisle Game?

south-west arm of starfish isle

Where is the admiral hiding on HorseIsle?

He's by the palm tree by the dock on the north leg of Star Isle

Where does the Wax for Crash quest start on HorseIsle?

At the bottom on the bottom left leg of Starfish Isle on the Beach.

Where is shadowfax on flower isle?

He is on the beach on the norwest arm of the starfish at the very top between the two palm trees.

Where do you bury mortimers chest on horseisle?

go to the south east of starfish isle, as south and as east as you can go :) that's where you bury it

What does the isle of mans flag look like?

The Flag of the Isle of Main features a triskele, which an ancient design of three legs that are joined together at the thigh. It looks a little bit like a three-legged starfish.

Where is Crush on HorseIsle?

I believe you are talking about Crash, the surfer. Crash, the surfer, can be found on Starfish isle, on the beach at the tip of the lower left arm.

Where is Admiral Leonard's sextant on horse isle?

Head to the far left (West) to a small pile of rocks. Use your magnifying glass and it is right there! ~Allyson Roan Server

What types of different starfish are there What is the scientific name for a starfish?

Starfish Starfish

What is starfish skin like?

does starfish have limbs? what is starfish skin like? does starfish have limbs? what is starfish skin like?

What quest do you have to do to do the quest Crash's Crush on HorseIsle?

You have to do the quest Wax for Crash, starting at the bottom of the bottom left limb of starfish, because i have done that one, and it is still unavalible.

What types of starfish are there in New Zealand?

there are cusion starfish, reef starfish, spiny starfish and fire brick starfish in new zealand.

Is caption a higher rank than admiral?

Admiral is a higher rank than Captain. A Captain would be promoted to Rear Admiral. Then it is Vice Admiral, Admiral and Fleet Admiral.

Do starfish have offspring?

Starfish do indeed have offspring. If starfish did not have offspring there would be no living starfish in the world.

Who was the admiral before admiral kimmel?

Admiral James Richardson

How do you use the word 'admiral' in a sentence?

The admiral commanded the person to stand straight. Admiral is a very respectable position.

Where are the sandcastle moats all located on HorseIsle?

Earton, Horse IsleHoof IsleWington, Bird IsleDolphin IsleArt IsleDocks, Snow IsleTurtle IsleCat IsleHare Isle (One of the Ears)Flower IsleDesert IsleDesert Isle1st Sand Isle2nd Sand Isle3rd Sand IsleDust Isle (must talk to dock owner to swim to this isle)Snowball IsleIce IslePirate Isle (must have 50% quest points and 2 pearls)Torrid IslePolar Isle

Why Ireland is given the name because of its lush green meadows and tre covered hills?

The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.The Emerald Isle.