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Where is Alex Karras living at this time?

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He is living in California with his wife Susan Clark. They have one daughter - Katherine.

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How tall is Alex Karras?

Alex Karras is 6' 1".

When was Alex Karras born?

Alex Karras was born on July 15, 1935.

Alex Karras what TV series was he in?

Alex Karras was on the hit series TV show "Webster".

What is the birth name of Alex Karras?

Alex Karras's birth name is Karras, Alexander George.

How old is Alex Karras?

Alex Karras was 77 years old when he died on October 10, 2012 (born July 15, 1935).

What is Alex Karras's birthday?

Alex Karras was born on July 15, 1935.

Who won the Outland Trophy in 1957?

1957 Alex Karras, Iowa

Was Alex Karras ever a commentator at Westminster Kennel show competition?

No, not Alex Karras. It was Roger Caras. You can look him up on Wikipedia. Sadly he died, but he was a great supporter of animal causes. A wonderful man.

What is the most sacks Alex Karras had in a season?

Unfortunately, Karras retired after the 1970 season. The NFL did not begin recording sacks officially until 1982.

Alex Karras was an All-Pro Defensive Tackle for what team?

Alex Karras spent his 13 year career with the Detroit Lions and was a 1st team All-Pro selection in 1960, 1961, and 1965.

What famous football player wore or wears number 71?

Alex Karras

Is former nfl player alex karras a car salesman now?


Was Alex Karras ever a Monday Night Football announcer?

Yes, from 1974-1976.

Who knocked out the horse?

alex karras playing the roll of "mongo" in the film "blazing saddles"

Which male actor was in the film Victor Victoria?

James Garner Robert Preston Alex Karras

What are the release dates for Saturday Night Live - 1975 Alex Karras Tina Turner 10-12?

Saturday Night Live - 1975 Alex Karras Tina Turner 10-12 was released on: USA: 2 February 1985

What American actors are over 70 years of age?

Alex Karras born 1935 in Gary Indianna

Who played the character Mongo in the movie blazing Saddles?

Mongo was played by former football player Alex Karras.

Alex karras who played mongo in blazing saddles was an all-pro defensive tackle for what nfl team?

Detroit Lions

What nfl team did alex karras play for before he landed the role of george papadopolis on the tv show webster?

Detroit Lions

When was Nolan Karras born?

Nolan Karras was born in 1944.

When was Chris Karras born?

Chris Karras was born in 1924.

How tall is Argiris Karras?

Argiris Karras is 5' 11".

When was Astrid Karras born?

Astrid Karras was born in 1960.

When was Damien Karras created?

Damien Karras was created in 1971.