Where is America's best fireworks held?

the best fireworks can no longer be found as the warehouse in wihich they were produced was destroyed after a super ultra boomatron firework went of but they where found in nebraska owned by a Mr. john hardwick who started the buisiness in 1967 over 20 years as prices rose his stayed the same and he made billions and in 2001 he started the buisiness big time buying the warehouse and designing new fireworks from the the tiny treason twizzler which spun releasing a high pitched noise each one was different so some couldn't hear them and on 12/9/2001 he created the super mega boomatron a firework the size of a barrel which when fired make a humongous bang so loud people were advised to were ear protection but it was taken of the marketr when a box set was released in 2008 because its slogan was recreate 9/11 in your own backyard he soon lost his wife daughter and later on his secret husband but most of all he developed a tumour in the brain that was inoprable at the age of 69 he lost everything including his 20 billion dollar buisiness and at the age of 70 he died of broken heart syndrome a disease that is quite liturally dieing because your heart is broken. none of his fireworks are available anymore but you can buy a super mega boomatron for $45.00 in nebraska's black market but you must becareful with them as i have lost my legs a huge chunk of my chest my ears an eye my left arm and my right chee (yes you really can see the skull and lower jaw bones as im missing half a mouth) all becaue it burst too early because the fuses are only 8cm llong giving you 10 seconds to duck and get out of the way but anyway yeh get the super mega boomatron sorry for rambling if you want any game info email me at cmthemiller@hotmail.co.uk :)