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Where is American Idol located?

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In the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California

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Can you watch American Idol online?

The only site that you can legally watch American idol is the official website located at

Where is the American Idol Theatre?

American Idol uses a variety of different theaters, but the main one they use is the Kodak Theater. The Kodak Theater is located in Hollywood.

How do you say American Idol in french?

you would just say American idol if you were refering to the American idol in America whitch it would not be American idol anywhere else because its American but back to the would say American Idol for American idol.

Which is better American Idol encore or American Idol encore 2?

American idol encore blank

What does deaton mean?

American idol American idol

What season of American Idol was charice on?

she was on American Idol.

Why is American idol still on the air?

why not? american idol is the best!

When did she win American Idol?

she won American idol in 2005

Is American Idol over?

American Idol is done for this season.

Who is Eben off American Idol?

He is a performer on American Idol.

Is there a game for American Idol on Xbox?

No, but there are American Idol games for the Xbox 360. They are Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore and Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore 2.

When did jordin sparks win American Idol?

Jordin Sparks won on American Idol in 2007, in the 6th season of American Idol.

Idol of American idol season 7?

David Cook was the winner of American Idol Season 7.

What is Abigail Breslins Favirote American Idol?

What? American Idol is her favorite.

What days are American Idol on?

American Idol is on every Tuesday and Wednesday.

What chanel will be showin American Idol?

American Idol will be on the Fox network

Was Jennette mccurdy on American Idol?

No Jennette McCurdy was not on American Idol.

Will Justin Bieber be on American Idol?

Yes, but he has not sang on American Idol.

Which came out first x factor or American idol?

American Idol.

What is the duration of American Idol?

The duration of American Idol is 1.73 hours.

Can you be 11 to auditon for American Idol?

No, you must be 16 years or older to audition for American Idol. However, there is a Jr. American Idol for kids.

What time is American on idol tonight?

American Idol is on on Tuesday 8/7c and on Wednesday 9/8c

Is Nicki manaj going to be a jugde on American idol?

Yes, Nicki Manaj will be a judge on American Idol. She was a judge on American idol in 2013.

What are the release dates for American Idol The Search for a Superstar - 2002 American Idol Revisited?

American Idol The Search for a Superstar - 2002 American Idol Revisited was released on: USA: 21 January 2003

Was Kate Perry on American Idol?

Katy Perry was never on "American Idol". Idol". She was on the show as a mentor but not as a contestant.

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