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Barack Obama's name is a family name from his Kenyan father.
  • Barack is an Arabic word for 'blessed'
  • Hussein means good or handsome in Arabic
  • Obama is a common surname in the Luo tribe
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What is Barack Obama's real name?

He was born Barack Hussein Obama II . (One might expect his name to be Barack Hussein Obama Jr ., but ' II " is what is on his birth certificate.) He is named after his biological father, Barack Hussein Obama (Senior). He went by the nickname "Barry" as a boy and young man. It should also be no ( Full Answer )

What are the names of Barack Obama's daughters?

The President has two children, both daughters. Their names are Malia Ann, born on July 4, 1998, and "Sasha"(Natasha), born on June 10, 2001. From the available information, it would appear that Sasha does not have a given middle name. Her first name is Natasha, but she seems to prefer her nickname, ( Full Answer )

What is Barack Obama's full name?

His full, birth name is Barack Hussein Obama, II. He was named after his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., who diedin 1982 in a car accident in Kenya; Barack Sr. was divorced fromthe president's mother, Ann Dunham.

What was Barack Obama's mother's name?

Her legal name was Stanley Ann Dunham, but she did not like her first name and insisted on being called by her middle name, Ann.

What is Barack Obama's mother's name?

Her maiden name was Stanley Ann Dunham. She went by Ann. (Her father's name was Stanley, and supposedly, they wanted a boy, so that is why she got a man's name for her first name.)

What is Barack Obama's birth name?

he was born as Barack Hussein Obama II he's a Junior After his mother divorced Obama Sr. Stanley Ann Dunham married an Indonesian, Lolo Soetoro, who was attending college in Hawaii. When Suharto, a military leader in Soetoro's home country, came to power in 1967, all Indonesian students studying ab ( Full Answer )

Was Barack Obama's name Barry?

His name has always been Barack Hussein Obama. He may have had the nickname of 'Barry' when he was younger but that was never his given name.

What is the meaning of Barack Obama's name?

Barak - also Baruch means "Blessed" Hussein - means "Handsome One" Obama - is surname based on a given name from the Dholuo language spoken by the Luo people of Kenya. It is based on the verb "bam" meaning "bent", and probably refers either to an infant's arm or leg looking bent just aft ( Full Answer )

What are Barack Obama's grandparents' names?

Grandfather - Fathers side - Hussein Onyango Obama Grandmother - Fathers side - Akumu Grandfather - Mothers side - Stanley Armour Dunham Grandmother - Mothers side - Madelyn Lee Payne

What is the name of Barack Obama's parents?

President Barack Obama's parents are Stanley Ann Dunham, who wascalled Ann, and Barack Obama, Sr. Barack, Sr died in 1982 and AnnDunham died in 1995.

What was Barack Obama's father name?

Barack Obama's father was also named Barack Obama. Barack Senior was a Kenyan exchange student who came to Hawaii to study, married a fellow student at the University of Hawaii, and their son was born in Honolulu in 1961. They named him Barack Obama II. (Internet rumors that the president's dad was ( Full Answer )

What are the names of Barack Obama's brothers?

President Obama does not have any full siblings. However, he does have 8 half siblings. 7 are from his father's first and third marriages in Africa and 1 was born in Indonesia but now lives in Hawaii,\nfrom his mother's second marriage. Half brothers on his father's side in Africa are: ( Full Answer )

What was Barack Obama's mom's name?

Barack Obama's name was Ann Durham as you can see on his page. You can also find out more oon his website about him and his family. http://www.barackobama.com/about/ it was leeroy clarke

Who are Barack Obama's parents' names?

His biological father was Barack Hussein Obama Senior. His mother was Stanley Ann Dunham (but she preferred to be called Ann, rather than Stanley).

What is Barack Obama's mum's name?

Her birth name was Stanley Ann Dunham; she preferred to be called Ann. When she married her second husband, she was briefly known as "Ann Dunham Soetoro."

What was Barack Obama's moms name?

She was born Stanley Ann Dunham but later dropped the "Stanley," preferring to be called Ann. For her time, she was very adventuresome and a non-conformist; her marriage to a man from Africa was probably seen as controversial. She later got a PhD in anthropology and wrote about other cultures. B ( Full Answer )

What is the name of Barack Obama's father?

If you are asking about the president's biological father, his name was Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. [now deceased]. The President was named after him, as Barack Hussein Obama, II. But if you are asking about the president's grandfather (his dad's father), his name was Hussein Onyango Obama.

What is barack obama's nick name?

When he was young, he liked to be called Barry; but he gradually began to use his real name (Barack) in college and no longer uses his nickname as far as we can tell.

What were Barack obama's parents' names?

His biological father was Barack Hussein Obama (Senior; his mother was Stanley Ann Dunham-- she preferred to be called Ann, rather than Stanley. The future president's dad was from Africa (Kenya), while his mom was originally from Kansas and living in Hawaii.

What was Barack Obama's born name?

According to his birth certificate, he was named Barack Hussein Obama II. He got this name from his biological father, who was Barack Hussein Obama (Senior). While at times in his life, he preferred to be called Barry rather than Barack, internet claims that he changed his name (or had a different n ( Full Answer )

What are Barack Obama's brothers' names?

Barack Obama does not have any biological brothers. He has a half-sister named Maya from his mother's second marriage. And he has several half-brothers who live in Africa and are from his father's side of the family, including one named Malik who was the best man at his wedding.

What were Barack Obama's names?

He was born in Hawaii in 1961 as Barack Hussein Obama II. For a time, he wanted to be called Barry, but ultimately reverted back to his birth name. A group of people called the "Birthers" continue to insist the president is foreign-born, and they also assert that he has used fake names. Some Birt ( Full Answer )

What is Barack Obama's last name?

His last name is Obama. It is a name he inherited from his father, who came from Africa. There are many internet myths about him, including the false assertion that he was adopted by his step-father, but his name has never changed and the internet myths are not accurate. His name has always been Bar ( Full Answer )

Why did Barack Obama's father name him Barack?

The President, Barack Obama, II, was named after his father, Barack Obama, Sr. Barack is a traditional family name and common in the area where his father was born.

Barack Obama's brothers and sisters names?

Barack Obama doesn't have any full blooded Brothers or sisters, he has a number of half-siblings Maya Kassandra Soetoro-Ng Born August 15, 1970 in Jakarta, Indonesia is his half-sister by his mother His father had a number of children by a number of different women, not all of them may be Barack ( Full Answer )

What is President Barack Obama's midddle name?

Hussein. It should be noted that the president inherited his father's name (Barack Hussein Obama); this particular name is very common in Muslim cultures, such as Kenya, where his father was born and raised. "Hussein" has no negative meanings associated with it in those countries, while in the Unite ( Full Answer )

What are Barack Obama's grandfathers' names?

Hussein Onyango Obama was his grandfather (whom he did not know) on his dad's side. Stanley Armour Dunham was his grandfather's name on his mother's side, with whom he lived in Hawaii during his adolescent and teen years.

Why is Barack Obama's dog named Bo?

Listed by the name Amigo's New Hope with American Kennel Club's breed registry, and given the name Charlie by his original owners, the puppy received his current name from President Obama's two daughters, Malia and Sasha, in part after their cousins' cat and Michelle Obama's father's nickname Diddle ( Full Answer )

Is Barack Obama's name a Muslim name?

The name "Barack" is a name that many Muslims have; it is also common among non-Muslims. It means "blessed." The name is common in Africa and the Middle East. As for "Obama," that seems to be a family name common to a particular lineage in Kenya, the country in Africa where the president's father wa ( Full Answer )

Who named barack obama's dog?

I think it was a family decision, but the President may havesuggested the name, Bo, after Bo Diddley.

What is Barack Obama's name in Arabic?

The name "Barack" is an Arabic name that means "blessed." Several middle-eastern languages have similar names, including the Hebrew version, which is "Barukh."

What is Barack Obama's helicopter's name?

When the President of the United States flies in an airplane, the official air traffic control call sign is Air Force One. The U. S. Air Force is responsible for operations and maintenance of these jets, hence, the "Air Force" call sign. Conversely, the helicopter which flies the President is handle ( Full Answer )

What were the names of Barack Obama's parents and grandparents?

His parents were Barack H. Obama, Sr., and Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, who went by Ann. His grandparents were: Grandfather - Fathers side - Hussein Onyango Obama Grandmother - Fathers side - Akumu Grandfather - Mothers side - Stanley Armour Dunham Grandmother - Mothers side - Madelyn Lee ( Full Answer )

What is the full name of Barack Obama's father?

The president's father was born Barack Hussein Obama. Later, he was referred to in print as Barack Hussein Obama Senior, to differentiate his name from his son, who was named Barack Hussein Obama II.

What is Barack Obama's son named?

The president does not have a son. This is a very frequently quoted internet rumor, with no facts to support it. On the other hand, the president's father (whose name was also Barack Obama), did have a son-- and that is the man who became the president in 2008.

What is the name of Barack Obama's thesis?

In Law School, it is not customary to write a thesis, and there is no evidence that Mr. Obama was required to write one. The same is true for undergraduate degrees-- many do not require a thesis. It is generally at the Master's or PhD level when a thesis is required. President Obama has a JD (Doctor ( Full Answer )

Where does Barack Obama's mom live and What is her name?

Mr. Obama's mother is deceased; she died of cancer in 1995. Her birth name was Stanley Ann Dunham, but she preferred her middle name-- Ann. She lived in Hawaii, then briefly moved to Indonesia with her second husband, and finally returned to Hawaii.

What is the name of Barack Obama's nick name?

These days, President Obama does not seem to have a nickname. But when he was in high school, he had two. He wanted to be called "Barry" rather than Barack. And his basketball team-mates jokingly called him "O'Bomber" because of his ability to shoot baskets with great accuracy, even under pressure.

What is name of Barack Obama's jet?

The jet does not belong to Mr. Obama, and in fact, he did not buy it. "Air Force One" is the official presidential air plane, and it used by the President of the United States, whoever that president is. Mr. Bush rode in it when he was president, and Mr. Obama rides in it now.

Is Barack Obama's name Barry Soetoro?

No, it is not, and it never has been. This is another of thoseinternet myths. Barack Obama's mom did in fact remarry, and hisstep-dad was Lolo Soetoro. But Mr. Soetoro never adopted youngBarack, nor did Barack take his name. And while in high school hewas sometimes called Barry, he always used the l ( Full Answer )