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Where is Barbados?

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Barbados is surrounded by water. To the west and south, there is the Caribbean Sea. To the north and east, there is the Atlantic ocean. Barbados is part an island chain stretching between North America South America.

Barbados is in the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela.

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What kind of newspaper is 'The Barbados Advocate'?

The Barbados Advocate is a local newspaper for Barbados which not only presents the local Barbados news but also provides readers in Barbados with world news that may affect Barbados.

Where is Barbados and is Rihanna really from Barbados?

Barbados is in the Caribbean and Rihanna is from Barbabos PS- I went to Barbados and it is awesome! go there sometime :) :) :) :) :) :)

Is Barbados in Hawaii?

No, Barbados is in the Carribbean.

How do barbados modtify barbados?

it doesnt

Does Barbados have a prime minister?

Yes. Barbados has a prime minister who is head of government in Barbados.

What is the capital of Barbados?

The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown.

What are some volcanoes in Barbados?

There are no volcanoes in Barbados

What is the cpital of barbados?

Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados.

Who founded barbados?

Your mom founded Barbados...

Is barbados in Asia?

no barbados isan't in Asia

What type of currency does Barbados have?

the Barbados dollar

Who discovered barbados?

The British Claimed Barbados.

Is Barbados in the United states?

NO, Barbados is not in the US

Was Rihanna from Barbados?

Yes Rihanna is from Barbados.

What is Barbados national flower?

it is the pride of Barbados

What is the longest River in Barbados?

the longest river in barbados is the Bum River it is by the south side of BArbados

What proper nouns start with the letter O that are in Barbados?

Examples of proper nouns starting with the letter O in Barbados are:Oistin Bay, BarbadosOasis Beach Bar, Christ Church, BarbadosOld Caribee Hotel, Bridgetown, BarbadosObservatory Road, Bridgetown, BarbadosOperation Mobilization (missionary), Bridgetown, BarbadosOrchid Drive, Oistins, BarbadosOwen's Barber and Beauty Shop, Merricks, BarbadosOur Lady Queen of The Universe (Catholic church), Bridgetown, Barbados

What is the name of the Barbados desert?

Barbados has no true deserts. Much of Barbados is regarded as a tropical monsoon climate.

What are the different trade unions of barbados?

Barbados Workers' Union (B.W.U) National Union of Public Workers (N.U.P.W) Barbados Secondary Teachers Unions (B.S.T.U) Barbados Union of Teachers (B.U.T) Barbados Nurses Association (B.N.A) Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (B.A.M.P)

Were does rihanna live in barbados?

She is from St. Michael, Barbados.

Are there sharks in Barbados?

No, but there are sharks in the water around Barbados.

Is barbados a caricom country?

Barbados is a Caricom country.

What type of government does Barbados have?

barbados has a democratic government

What is Rihanna's hometown in Barbados?

St. Michael, Barbados

Can you get a barbados passport if your great grandfather was from barbados?


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